Act 29 Mugen 3 Futari NEW SOLDIERS

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Chapter Data
Mimi Hanyuu vows to collect souls for Pharaoh 90
Name (kanji/kana): Act 29 無限3 2人 NEW SOLDIERS
Name (romaji): Act 29 Mugen 3 Futari New Soldiers
Name (translated): Act 29 Infinity 3 Two New Soldiers
Volume Number: 6
Chapter Number: 29
Original Number: 26
Crystal Episode: Act.29 Mugen 3 Futari NEW SOLDIERS
Previous Chapter: Act 28 Mugen 2 Hamon
Next Chapter: Act 30 Mugen 4 SAILORURANUS Tenou Haruka SAILORNEPTUNE Kaiou Michiru

As Usagi wonders about the new Sailor Senshi and the mysterious Haruka and Michiru Kaiou, the enemy reappears in the form of the idol Mimi Hanyuu.


Sailor Moon chases after the strange Sailor Senshi, but loses sight of her in the forest. The Senshi drops out of a tree and tells Sailor Moon to leave them alone, because fighting together would be too dangerous. She kisses Sailor Moon on the lips and then disappears. When the other Inner Senshi arrive, they find Sailor Moon staring after her, stunned.

Once back at the Secret Base, the cats ask Usagi about the Senshi she spoke to, but Usagi says she doesn't know her name and it was too dark to see her face well. She says that the stranger only told her not to disturb them. The others wonder if the two are really Sailor Senshi or enemies.

Back at her home, Usagi looks at a magazine with a picture of Haruka, and remembers both the strange Senshi and Haruka calling her "odango." She drifts off to sleep and dreams of Haruka, who kisses her, then turns into the Senshi and starts to leave. Usagi calls after her, asking why she always leaves, and the Senshi replies that their mission is to the the Talismans. All five of the Inner Senshi and Mamoru hear the same words in their dreams, saying that they must gather the Talismans for the god of destruction.

As Usagi greets Mamoru the next morning, she is embarassed by the remembered kiss from her dream, and looks away. As she does, she sees posters for Michiru's concert, and sees that Mamoru is looking at them as well. She wonders why he is interested in Michiru.

Usagi goes to the Game Center Crown after school and sees Haruka outside. Haruka says that Usagi's friends said to stay away, but Haruka still wanted to see her. Usagi remembers her dream, and observes that both Haruka and Michiru are very famous. Haruka tells her that if she hears Michiru play she will love it, and gives her tickets to the concert. A sudden gust of wind comes up, forcing Usagi to shield her face, and when she lowers her arms again Haruka has disappeared. Mamoru watches Usagi from a short distance away.

Luna reads an article about a new concert hall opening on Mugen Academy campus. Usagi arrives late to join the others, and finds everyone inside the arcade looking at posters for a concert featuring the idol Mimi Hanyuu, dismayed that it is only for students at the school. Minako waxes ecstatic about the super-famous idol, and suggests that they sneak into the concert to scout around. Usagi suggests that they go to Michiru's concert instead, since she has tickets for everyone. The cats think it suspicious that both concerts are at the new hall on the same day, and agree that they should go.

Kaolinite stares at an image of Sailor Moon in her pool, wondering at how easily the Senshi defeated one of the Witches 5. She thinks that Sailor Moon's power is similar to that of the Taioron Crystal, which makes her desire it. However, what she most needs is to find the three Talismans in order to destroy them. The image of Mimete appears in the pool, and she promises that, in her guise as Mimi Hanyuu, she will obtain souls for their master, Pharaoh 90. Mimete says she is also using Michiru's concert to lure people to the school for that purpose. Kaolinite warns her not to be too headstrong, because they need to complete their preparations for Pharaoh 90; she adds that, if the Sailor Senshi interfere, Mimete is to destroy them.

Momoko shows Chibiusa photos of their trip to the amusement park, which reminds her of how she met Hotaru. She buys a new handkerchief to replace the one the girl had used to bandage her injured arm, and goes to wait near the Tomoe Research Laboratory in the hope that Hotaru will walk by. When she does arrive, Chibiusa greets her and Hotaru invites her inside. Chibiusa admires Hotaru's home, then asks what kind of research is going on in the lab. Hotaru suddenly collapses in another fit, and asks Chibiusa to bring her amulet. Instead, Chibiusa takes out her brooch and removes the Silver Crystal inside. In its light, Hotaru begins to feel much better, and she promises that she won't tell anyone about the crystal, or that she is Sailor Chibi Moon. Hotaru admits that the monster probably escaped from her father's lab, because of the horrible research work he is doing, but insists that he is not evil.

As Chibiusa leaves, she realizes that it has become dark, and wonders if she should call Usagi or Mamoru. A helicopter arrives and lands nearby, and the women inside offer to give her a ride home, because they are friends of Usagi's. As they fly away, Michiru asks what she was talking to Hotaru about, and Chibiusa replies that they were talking about amulets, and how she and Hotaru both have amulets that protect them. Michiru holds up her mirror and says that it protects her, but it's called a talisman.

The helicopter arrives at the Tsukino home, and both Usagi and her mother go outside to investigate the noise. As Chibiusa climbs out of the helicopter, the two women tell her that what they talked about is a secret. Usagi arrives, and the blonde woman bids her farewell, calling her "Odango." A little stunned, Usagi asks Chibiusa what they talked about, and she says they only talked about Hotaru.

At the concert hall, Chibiusa sees a poster for Michiru's concert and realizes that she was one of the women in the helicopter. She runs up to join Mamoru just as Usagi and her friends walk by, and are startled to see the two of them at the concert as well. As Usagi listens to Michiru's music, she thinks that it reminds her of the sea. She overhears two other audience members discussing how Michiru's violin is worth millions of yen, then spots Haruka standing in a corner.

In the meantime, Minako uses her compact to disguise herself as a Mugen Academy student and sneaks into Mimi Hanyuu's concert. As the music starts, though, Minako can feel herself falling under its power, and staggers outside. When another student tries to stop her, she kicks him away and transforms into Sailor Venus, then returns to challenge the new enemy.

Michiru's concert ends unexpectedly, and Usagi's communicator suddenly turns on as Sailor Venus warns her about the attack.

Sailor Venus wakes up the bewitched audience and sends them out, angering the enemy who reveals herself as Mimete of the Witches 5. Sailor Venus' attack knocks Mimete down, and she calls to Kaolinite to send a Daimon to help her. Kaolinite is annoyed, but agrees, and at her call the monsters emerge from three students' bodies. Sailor Moon destroys two of the Daimons with Moon Spiral Heart Attack, but the third one lunges at Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Chibi Moon.

Before it can reach them, though, someone calls out, "Deep Submerge" and it is destroyed. A moment later someone else cries out, "World Shaking" and Mimete disappears in a flash of light. Everyone turns and finds the two unfamiliar Sailor Senshi, who introduce themselves as Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.


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