Act 26 - Usagi is the Real Princess!

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The Senshi deal with Usagi being the real Princess, and Luna fills them in on details from their past lives, while Queen Metalia's awakening progresses, and Mamoru breaks up with Hina and goes to study in London.


PGSM Episode
The Senshi kneel before their Princess
Name (kanji/kana): うさぎちゃんが本当のプリンセス!
Name (romaji): Usagi-chan ga Hontou no Purinsesu!
Name (translated): Usagi is the Real Princess!
Episode Number: 26
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: April 3, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 25 - So Tuxedo Mask's True Identity was Mamoru Chiba...
Next Episode: Act 27 - Luna Became a Sailor Senshi!

Luna talks about the long-ago kingdoms on the Earth and the Moon, and says it was there that the Prince of the Earth and the Princess of the Moon fell in love.

The Princess stands before Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mars in a brightly lit white room. Sailor Venus apologizes for acting in the Princess' place, and says she will return to being a Sailor Senshi. As it turns out, though, even though Usagi transformed into the Princess and the Silver Crystal appeared, her memories of the past did not return. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter are the same; they have some faint memories, but nothing solid. Sailor Venus and Artemis are disappointed by this, and Artemis tells Luna to instruct the Princess and help the others regain their memories. He apologizes for suppressing her memory up until now, then he and Sailor Venus start to leave.

Sailor Mars asks why Sailor Venus won't work with them, now that they don't need her to act as a decoy, and Sailor Venus replies that as the leader she has her own way of doing things. She and Sailor Mars argue briefly until Sailor Jupiter intervenes, and Sailor Venus tells the others that they need to hurry and get Sailor Mercury back. Artemis tells the Senshi that he is going to leave them presents, then he and Sailor Venus depart.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl exclaims over how much stronger Queen Metalia has become since the Silver Crystal's brief appearance. She discusses with Jadeite how the Silver Crystal must be inside of the Princess's body. Beryl tells Jadeite that he is the only one she can trust, and she is counting on him to get it.

Kunzite finds Nephrite sulking in a back corridor and taunts him with the fact that Sailor Moon is the real princess, and Nephrite has been chasing a decoy. After a couple more insults, Kunzite walks away, laughing, and Nephrite angrily punches the wall, declaring that the Silver Crystal will be his.

As Kunzite walks on, he hears Zoisite's piano playing, and realizes that it's awakening his memories. He has a flashback to the destruction of the Moon Kingdom; as his fellow Shitennou lie dead beneath piles of rubble, Kunzite screams in rage and grief. In the present, Kunzite shakes off the memories and stalks away. Inside his chambers, Zoisite observes that being with the Princess really is a danger to the Master.

Mamoru lies in a hospital bed, remembering the appearance of the Princess; he has finally found what he was searching for, and it turns out the Princess was Usagi. Zoisite appears in the room and tells Mamoru that he was indeed connected with the Princess in his past life, but if he breaks it off then this time perhaps it will not result in tragedy. As someone knocks on the door, Zoisite disappears again, and Hina enters with a bouquet of flowers.

Luna continues her story of how Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity fell in love, but their love was forbidden. War broke out between the Earth and the Moon, and in the end both were destroyed, and the Prince and Princess both lost their lives. Usagi, Rei, and Makoto discuss their past lives with Luna, and say that if they all have the same past memories then it must not be a coincidence that they met now. Usagi wonders if Ami has also regained her memories. In an attempt to lighten the mood, Rei teases Usagi, saying that Venus seemed like a more appropriate princess. Makoto observes that it's because of Usagi that Mamoru is alive.

In the hospital room, Hina talks to Mamoru about how he'll be out again soon. She hands him his airplane ticket and says that his luggage is all ready to go. He thanks her and looks at the ticket, while she watches him pensively.

Luna says that Sailor Venus was correct in telling Sailor Moon to stay away from Tuxedo Mask, as the love of the Prince and Princess is cursed and is said to be the reason the Earth and Moon kingdoms were destroyed. Makoto wonders how that happened, and Luna says the only way they'll know is if Usagi or Mamoru regain their memories - but for now they need to stay apart. Usagi agrees, remembering Mamoru's conversation with Hina after the Youma attack.

As the girls leave Karaoke Crown, Motoki bids them farewell in a depressed tone of voice, as he sits draped over the counter. When Usagi and Makoto ask what's wrong, he wails in despair and tells them that he said something awful to Hina, and now that's going to be what she remembers as she goes to London in two days. Usagi looks sad as she realizes that Mamoru will be leaving then as well, and Makoto looks at her with concern.

Mamoru asks Hina if something is wrong, but she insists there isn't, and gets up to go home.

Usagi pauses outside of her house, thinking about Mamoru leaving, then shakes off her mood and enters with a cheerful greeting to her family. Her mother greets her in return and tells her to wash her hands, to which Usagi replies that she should be treated better because she's a princess. Ikuko, amused, gives "Princess" Usagi a taste of her cooking, and Shingo observes that there's no country on the Earth that would have Usagi as a princess. Usagi replies that her kingdom is on the moon, and Shingo asks if she's supposed to be making mochi, then, prompting his sister to take away his video game.

In the Secret Base, three Sailor Star Tambourines appear on the counter.

Nephrite creates a Youma in the Dark Kingdom, vowing that he will destroy the Princess.

Makoto enters Karaoke Crown to find Kouta Takai at the counter instead of Motoki. When questioned, Takai immediately broke out into hiccups, but managed to tell Makoto that Motoki was at the airport to bid Mamoru farewell - apparently he'd had the date wrong before. Makoto quickly flashed her passport and ran down the hall.

Inside the Secret Base, Usagi is curiously examining one of the Sailor Star Tambourines; this one has a green gem with the Jupiter sign. When Makoto comes in, Usagi suggests that they use it for karaoke, but Makoto just grabs it and uses it to drag Usagi out the door. Once outside, Makoto hails a cab with the Tambourine and tells the driver to take them to the airport. Usagi doesn't want to go, but Makoto tells her that if she has something to say, she needs to say it.

Hina arrives at the airport without suitcases, and when Mamoru questions her about it, she rips her ticket in half and tells him she's not going. Hina says that she realized he doesn't really love her, and it wasn't right to make him marry her; she still wants him to study abroad, and her father is fine with it. Mamoru tries to argue, but she points out that he said he would stay with her until she said "no", and now she's saying no. She forces a smile and walks away, and Mamoru calls after her that he really does treasure her. Hina waves without turning around and says that she knows, but as she walks she's fighting back tears.

As Makoto and Usagi's taxi gets stuck in traffic, they hear a Youma attack nearby. Makoto tries to make Usagi go on without her, but Usagi refuses and they both go in search of the Youma.

Motoki arrives at the airport with a bouquet of flowers for Hina, but Mamoru tells him that she's gone home and isn't going abroad. Motoki is concerned that it's his fault, but Mamoru assures him that it isn't. When Motoki asks what he's going to do now, Mamoru pauses thoughtfully.

Civilians run screaming from the Youma as Makoto and Usagi arrive and transform into Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon.

Mamoru stares at his ticket, thinking about the Princess and Zoisite's words, and finally declares that he's going. He says that no matter what was decided long ago, he wants to find himself.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon fight with the Youma, then Jupiter orders her friend to go on ahead to the airport. Sailor Moon looks reluctant, but finally turns to go - only to find Nephrite ready to attack the Princess. After a brief scuffle, Nephrite grabs Sailor Moon by the throat; Sailor Jupiter sees this and the gem on her Sailor Star Tambourine suddenly glows brightly. She remembers Artemis saying he was going to leave a "present", then uses the Tambourine to send a star-shaped energy attack at Nephrite, which throws him back. Sailor Jupiter yells for Sailor Moon to go now, but she refuses, saying that she can't, because she's the Princess.

Mamoru finally bids his friend farewell and starts to head toward the plane. He pauses briefly, starting to give Motoki a message for Usagi, but changes his mind and leaves.

Sailor Jupiter rejoins Sailor Moon, and the two of them prepare to attack together; Sailor Moon summons the Moonlight Stick and uses Moon Twilight Flash as Sailor Jupiter uses Jupiter Thunderbolt. The two attacks together destroy the Youma, and Nephrite retreats back to the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Jupiter looks at her friend with concern, but Sailor Moon only smiles and says it's time to go home.

Mamoru's plane takes off and flies past as Usagi walks down the street, singing "C'est la Vie" to herself. She pauses to watch the plane for a moment, then smiles and goes home.

Dark Mercury stands atop a high building, then suddenly turns and points her sword at a strange Sailor Senshi who holds a weapon that looks like Sailor Moon's Moonlight Stick. The two strike fighting poses and face off.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Sailor Luna appeared for the first time in this episode, although she was not yet named.


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