Act 25 - So Tuxedo Mask's True Identity was Mamoru Chiba...

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Hina and Mamoru argue about their relationship when she discovers that he is in love with Usagi. In a fight with Kunzite and Dark Mercury, Tuxedo Mask takes a blow meant for Sailor Moon, causing her to awaken as the Princess.


PGSM Episode
The Princess is revealed
Name (kanji/kana): タキシード仮面の正体が地場衛だったなんて…
Name (romaji): Takishiido Kamen no Shoutai ga Chiba Mamoru Datta Nante...
Name (translated): So Tuxedo Mask's True Identity was Mamoru Chiba...
Episode Number: 25
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: March 27, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 24 - I Can't Forget About Mamoru Chiba After All
Next Episode: Act 26 - Usagi is the Real Princess!

Sailor Moon and the now-unmasked Tuxedo Mask stare at each other in silence for a long moment. Remembering what she'd said to Tuxedo Mask about Mamoru, Sailor Moon suddenly jumps up and tries to leave, but Tuxedo Mask grabs her arm, calling her Usagi. She is surprised that he knew, then quickly apologizes and tries to leave again, but stops when he says, "I also..." He doesn't finish the sentence, then drops her hand and puts his mask back on and leaves with a dramatic swirl of his cape. Sailor Moon watches him go, pondering his final words.

Kunzite arrives in Zoisite's chamber in the Dark Kingdom and threatens his fellow Shitennou, telling him to leave the Master alone. The two of them argue, with Kunzite saying that it was the Master's fault the world was destroyed, and Zoisite of the opinion that it was all the Princess's fault. Kunzite says that he will take care of everything, warning Zoisite to stay out of it, and threatens to kill Zoisite if he should interfere.

Elsewhere, Jadeite kneels before Queen Beryl and reports that Kunzite believes that Princess Sailor Venus is a decoy, and is going after the true Princess, but will not give details of his plan.

Minako sits in her dressing room, talking to Artemis about how the Sailor Senshi are finally beginning to awaken. She says that she thinks the time is near.

Hina continues to work on packing in Mamoru's apartment, and when she opens a drawer in his bedside table she finds Usagi's handkerchief and looks at it curiously, wondering what it could be.

Usagi sits at the desk in her room, still pondering what Tuxedo Mask said to her. She expresses her frustration that she's thinking only about Mamoru once more, but at the same time is hopeful that he might feel the same way.

Mamoru, in his apartment, answers a phone call from Motoki, who mentions the farewell party that day and says that Hina came by and seemed worried about something.

Mamoru arrives at Karaoke Crown and finds Motoki dressed up in a full-body turtle costume, including plushie turtle accessories (but still including the muffler Makoto gave him). Motoki asks Mamoru if he and Hina had had a fight; she had said that she found a woman's handkerchief in Mamoru's apartment. Motoki gets serious, then, and tells Mamoru that he's concerned; he knows that Hina's father took Mamoru in and cared for him and Mamoru is grateful, but he doesn't want Mamoru to marry Hina if he doesn't love her. As he speaks, though, Hina emerges from a back room and hears his words, then flees the building. Mamoru runs after her as Motoki lets out a despairing wail and begs Kamekichi to punish him.

Kunzite is standing atop a building, surveying the city, when Jadeite arrives and asks why he was called there. He says that he isn't anyone's servant, and suggests that Kunzite use his Senshi instead. Kunzite replies that she's capricious and comes and goes when she wants, and asks Jadeite what he has to lose by giving it a try. Jadeite considers a moment, then summons a Youma; Kunzite smiles in approval and observes that Jadeite is smarter than Nephrite.

Nephrite contemplates the cape that Dark Mercury had made for him and declares that he must succeed and regain Beryl's favor. He says that he's in a very low state to endure pity from a Sailor Senshi.

Usagi walks purposefully down the street, firmly declaring that she needs to just ask Mamoru outright, because she doesn't have time to deal with this.

Mamoru is still out searching for Hina when he hears a woman scream; in a plaza nearby people are being attacked by a Youma and having their energy stolen.

Usagi sees the Youma atop a building and pulls out her Teletia S, alerting Luna about the situation. Rei and Makoto subsequently receive calls on their phones and race toward Usagi's location.

As people run away from the Youma, Mamoru sees Hina standing obliviously in the middle of the plaza. He runs up to her, but she pulls away, telling him not to touch her. She says that she's been stupid, and since they've always been together she thought that was how it would always be, but no longer. Hina runs off, telling him to go be with the one he likes.

Usagi heads toward the Youma's location and suddenly comes face-to-face with Mamoru as he rounds a corner. The two of them freeze in place and just look at each other.

Rei and Makoto arrive at the building and go inside, only to encounter Jadeite and Kunzite. Makoto asks if the two of them were trying to lure the Senshi there, and Kunzite only smirks before telling Jadeite he can take care of them. Rei and Makoto transform into Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter and attack Jadeite, while Kunzite looks on.

Mamoru and Usagi slowly start to approach each other, but Mamoru abruptly veers to one side and rushes over to Hina, who has fallen to the ground. She asks him to always be with her, if only because of the gratitude he has for her father. Mamoru tells her that he does treasure her and will stay with her until she tells him to go. He glances over his shoulder at Usagi, looking upset, but she forces a smile and tells him to hurry and run away. He calls her name without a suffix attached, which makes Hina's eyes widen, but she tells him more firmly to run away and heads toward the Youma. Usagi tells herself that she was stupid and didn't think about how Hina would be hurt. She transforms into Sailor Moon and runs inside to join the battle.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter are fighting Jadeite and his Youma, and don't seem to be doing very well, when Sailor Moon arrives on the scene. As she enters, though, she is stopped by Kunzite, who declares that he is her opponent. He draws his sword and the two of them face off.

Mamoru gently lays Hina down on a park bench, then covers her with his jacket, telling her that he'll be back. Hina watches him go and sadly observes that it was Usagi.

Now costumed as Tuxedo Mask, he contemplates his mask before putting it on, then declares that it's the last time before he heads into the fight.

Kunzite and Sailor Moon fight, with Sailor Moon parrying his sword blows with her Moonlight Stick. She is thrown off balance and can't block his next blow, when suddenly it's stopped by Sailor Venus and her chain. Kunzite notes that the Princess has arrived and tells Jadeite to greet her. Sailor Venus orders Sailor Moon to help the people outside, then forms up with Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter to fight. Sailor Mars stares at Sailor Venus and thinks that she was right about her.

Before Sailor Moon can leave, though, Kunzite closes the doors to the room and the Youma breathes an icy attack that freezes Sailor Mars', Sailor Jupiter's, and Sailor Venus' feet in place. Akumi arrives and greets Sailor Moon, then transforms with Dark Power, Make Up. Sailor Venus, dismayed, exclaims that they were after Sailor Moon all along. The Youma freezes Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus completely, but Sailor Mars counters its icy breath with fire. The two moon cats arrive, calling Sailor Moon's name, as Dark Mercury and Kunzite both attack.

The Youma finally prevails against Sailor Mars' fire and freezes her as well, and Jadeite smirks. Kunzite knocks Sailor Moon down and moves in for the final blow; Dark Mercury objects that Sailor Moon is her prey, but he says that today is different, and brings his sword down. Tuxedo Mask, however, jumps in front of Sailor Moon and takes the blow himself as Sailor Moon screams.

Kunzite and Dark Mercury argue with each other briefly. In the meantime, Sailor Moon cradles Tuxedo Mask's head as he apologizes for not being able to return her feelings, but says that at least.... His voice trails off and he goes still, his hand sliding off her shoulder and falling limply to the floor. Sailor Moon stares at him in horror and calls his name.

As she does, an image of the Princess appears, glowing golden, and calls, "Endymion!" There is a brief flash of her kneeling next to Prince Endymion's body, mirroring Sailor Moon's pose over Tuxedo Mask. The gem in Sailor Moon's tiara also begins to glow with a golden light which spreads, causing the minions of the Dark Kingdom to fall back and cover their eyes, destroying the Youma, and un-freezing the Senshi. The crescent moon on Sailor Venus' forehead disappears, replaced by her tiara, and she observes that "she" is awakening. Kunzite declares that he was right.

The Senshi stare at the bright glow around Sailor Moon, and Artemis calls for them to remember. Luna exclaims that she remembers, Sailor Venus was actually the leader of the Sailor Senshi. The glow slowly fades, revealing Princess Serenity now kneeling next to Tuxedo Mask. Crying, she begs him to open his eyes. One of her tears halts in midair and begins to glow brightly, shining through the windows of the building onto the city and reviving the people outside. The light even reaches the Dark Kingdom, and Beryl spreads her arms wide, declaring it is the power of the Silver Crystal.

The Crystal floats in the air before Princess Serenity, still radiating its bright light, before which Kunzite, Dark Mercury, and Jadeite retreat and return to the Dark Kingdom. Tuxedo Mask slowly opens his eyes and recognizes the tearful face of the Princess before him as the woman from his dreams. He sits up slowly, still gazing intently at her; unnoticed, the Crystal disappears once more.

Sailor Venus moves forward and kneels before the Princess, followed by the other two Senshi. The Princess slowly rises to her feet, looking stunned.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Although Sailor Venus returned to her regular Senshi form in this episode, with her tiara replacing the crescent moon on her forehead, she had always been in this form in the opening credit scenes since the first episode.
  • When Tuxedo Mask was hit by the sword strike intended for Sailor Moon, he was cut on his back, but somehow the blow also cut his mask in half as well, though his face was unscathed.


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