Act 24 - I Can't Forget About Mamoru Chiba After All

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Motoki tells Usagi that Mamoru is leaving to study abroad. Zoisite tries to awaken Mamoru's memories and Kunzite tries to kill him. Usagi discovers that Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask.


PGSM Episode
Sailor Moon discovers Tuxedo Mask's identity
Name (kanji/kana): やっぱり地場衛のことがわすれられないの
Name (romaji): Yappari Chiba Mamoru no Koto ga Wasurerarenai no
Name (translated): I Can't Forget About Mamoru Chiba After All
Episode Number: 24
Director: Takemitsu Sato
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: March 20, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 23 - In Order to Awaken Her Senshi Powers, Rei Sings
Next Episode: Act 25 - So Tuxedo Mask's True Identity was Mamoru Chiba...

Angered by her scornful comments, Nephrite attacks Dark Mercury from behind. She easily dodges the blow, however, and mocks him; his subsequent attacks have the same effect. Kunzite suddenly appears and blocks Nephrite's blow, telling him not to be stupid. Kunzite draws his sword and the two begin to fight, as Zoisite's piano plays in the background. Meanwhile, Mamoru, in his apartment, thinks about his former life that he can't remember. Kunzite and Nephrite's fight ends when Kunzite slashes his opponent's cape; Dark Mercury smirks, then turns and walks away. Zoisite, in his chambers, concentrates on awakening Mamoru's memories.

Queen Beryl confronts the Shitennou in her throne room and angrily orders Nephrite to get out of her sight. When he doesn't move to leave, Jadeite chides him for not obeying Beryl's orders. Beryl looks disgusted and turns her back on Nephrite.

Hina works on packing books in Mamoru's apartment. Mamoru picks up a bag and moves toward the door, saying that he's going to visit Motoki, and tells Hina she doesn't have to hurry because they have two more weeks.

Queen Beryl stands before Queen Metalia's pillar and, addressing the absent Prince Endymion, muses that they will certainly meet soon.

Kunzite bursts into Zoisite's chamber and stops him from playing, saying that there's no need for Endymion to be awakened. Zoisite realizes that Kunzite has regained his memories, and asks why he doesn't want to help their former Master. Kunzite replies that it was the past, and tells Zoisite not to do anything unneccessary.

Mamoru, walking down the street, arrives at a crosswalk where Usagi is also waiting to cross. They awkwardly greet each other and Usagi frets that she'd been trying to forget about him. Lost in her thoughts, she starts to walk into the street without noticing the signal hasn't changed yet. Mamoru dashes out and shoves her out of the way of an oncoming car, then yells at her for being stupid. She snaps back, then suddenly realizes who she's talking to and the awkwardness returns.

Behind the counter at Karaoke Crown, Motoki busily cleans Kamekichi's shell in preparation for the turtle's "date." He sees Mamoru and Usagi walk in at the same time and suggests that they invite Usagi to Mamoru's farewell party. Usagi is surprised, and Motoki tells her about Mamoru going to study in London. Makoto enters then and Motoki rushes over to the door, excitedly trying to get her attention and ask about how good the muffler looks on him, but she locks glares with Mamoru and doesn't notice. Usagi silently walks away, ignoring Motoki as he calls after her.

Usagi sits on the couch in the Secret Base, thinking about this new bit of news, as Luna watches her in concern. As soon as Makoto enters, though, Usagi pretends to be excited for Mamoru, and claims she's forgotten about him and is more worried about getting Ami back. Makoto watches her friend, remembering her encounter with Tuxedo Mask, and thinks it's for the best that he's leaving.

Nephrite is sulking in a back corridor when Dark Mercury walks up to him and throws him his cape, which she has repaired. He looks surprised, but she just replies that she doesn't like it when someone is alone.

As Mamoru returns to his apartment, he stops at the trash heap and moves to throw away his tuxedo and mask, but is interrupted by Zoisite's voice calling him. He closes his eyes, then opens them to find himself inside a planetarium with Zoisite standing nearby. The Shitennou gestures toward the star display on the ceiling and tells Mamoru about his past and the moon that he loved. Mamoru sees blurred images of fire and destruction as Zoisite tells him about how he had once fought to save the planet. As Zoisite keeps talking, though, Mamoru abruptly rises and shouts that he is Mamoru Chiba and doesn't need any other memories.

As Mamoru runs out of the building, his phone rings. He tells Hina that he's on his way home, but Kunzite appears behind him and suddenly attacks. On her end, Hina hears him say Kunzite's name and suddenly hang up. Concerned, she runs to find Motoki. As she tells Motoki about the call Usagi and Makoto overhear it; Usagi confirms the location he was calling from and runs off. Makoto chases after Usagi and they argue over whether or not she needs to help Mamoru, as she was going to forget him, but Usagi says it's a special situation and runs onward.

Kunzite attacks Mamoru, who dodges the sword blows; in the meantime Makoto and Usagi race toward the planetarium. Mamoru tries to run away into the building but Kunzite follows, saying that if Zoisite hadn't returned Mamoru's memories, Kunzite wouldn't have had to kill him so soon. Mamoru manages to duck past him and run upstairs; Kunzite follows but doesn't find him at first. Tuxedo Mask jumps out of a room at him and the two fight, with Tuxedo Mask wielding his cane like a sword. Kunzite mocks his former Master and, with a powerful energy blast, knocks him off a balcony. Tuxedo Mask lands admid a television studio setup, and a Youma appears to chase off the crew members.

Makoto and Usagi arrive at the building, but don't see anyone, though there are signs of a fight present. Luna warns them to be careful because she senses the enemy's presence. The Youma suddenly arrives, and Usagi and Makoto transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter. After a brief scuffle, Sailor Jupiter glances at Sailor Moon, then charges in and takes the Youma on by herself, yelling for Sailor Moon to go on ahead and help Mamoru. When Sailor Moon goes upstairs she finds a number of people lying on the ground after their energy was stolen, but Mamoru isn't among them.

Kunzite confronts Tuxedo Mask with words he'd said in the past, then accuses him of being the cause of the planet's destruction. He says that he will get his revenge, and the first victim will be his former Master. He viciously attacks Tuxedo Mask again and again, until Sailor Moon arrives and screams for him to stop. Kunzite looks at her but turns back toward Tuxedo Mask, and this time is stopped by Zoisite; after a brief exchange he slashes at Zoisite, who disappears in a flash of green energy.

Kunzite resumes his attack on Tuxedo Mask, sending a bolt of blue energy from his sword, but Sailor Moon blocks it. The force drives her to her knees, but she forces herself back up again and begins to glow with a golden light. The light forces Kunzite back and he shields his eyes with his cape. Sailor Moon summons her Moonlight Stick and, still glowing, uses a powered-up version of Moon Twilight Flash. Kunzite tries to block the attack, but seems to realize something about Sailor Moon and vanishes. Sailor Moon's glow fades and she drops to her knees in exhaustion as Tuxedo Mask watches her, stunned.

The Youma and Sailor Jupiter fight, and it knocks the Senshi to the ground. As the Youma moves in to strike another blow, though, it is struck by bolts of fire: Sailor Mars has arrived. The two Senshi attack at the same time with a combination of Supreme Thunder and Youma Taisan, which destroys the Youma.

Tuxedo Mask apologizes to Sailor Moon, saying that it was his fault she got hurt while protecting him. She shrugs it off and, worried, asks if he's seen Mamoru, saying that this man might have been attacked by the enemy. Tuxedo Mask looks uneasy, but says he hasn't seen him. Sailor Moon struggles to her feet, insisting that she needs to go save him; Tuxedo Mask tries to stop her and wants to know why she's so worried, and Sailor Moon replies that this was the person she wanted to give the muffler to. Tuxedo Mask stares at her in disbelief, then follows as she drags herself up the stairs back toward the main part of the building.

In the lobby area, Sailor Moon struggles down the stairs but loses her balance and falls down the last few steps. Tuxedo Mask rushes up to her and yells at her for being stupid. She snaps back, then suddenly freezes, realizing it was a replay of her earlier conversation with Mamoru in the crosswalk. Wondering why she didn't realize before, she slowly reaches up and removes Tuxedo Mask's mask, and reveals him to be Mamoru. The two of them stare at each other silently, seemingly frozen in place.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • This was the first episode to imply that Dark Mercury had a special feeling for Nephrite. Although there was no overt confirmation that the two had a romantic relationship, the episode sparked off speculation amongst fans which continued for the rest of the series.
  • TV-Nihon's fansub of this episode mistranslated Dark Mercury's conversation with Nephrite, so that instead of saying that she did not like it that he was alone, she said that she did like it. This led to some confusion among English-speaking fans who relied on the fansub translation.


  • Tuxedo Mask was previously shown to have thin black straps holding his mask on, but when Sailor Moon removed it at the end of the episode, there was nothing holding it in place.


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