Act 22 - Ami Becomes an Enemy

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Usagi is shocked when Ami shows up at school and turns the entire class against her. When the Senshi encounter Dark Mercury again later, Sailor Moon discovers a new power within herself and almost succeeds in turning her friend back to normal.


PGSM Episode
Sailor Moon's new power surrounds her with light
Name (kanji/kana): 亜美ちゃんが敵のてに…
Name (romaji): Ami-chan ga Teki no te ni...
Name (translated): Ami Becomes an Enemy
Episode Number: 22
Director: Kenzo Maihara
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: March 6, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 21 - What Did You Do to Ami?
Next Episode: Act 23 - In Order to Awaken Her Senshi Powers, Rei Sings

Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mars face Dark Mercury while Kunzite looks on with a smirk. Dark Mercury looks over at water dripping onto a nearby statue, and the water freezes and forms icicles. She breaks off one icicle, whereupon it reshapes itself into a sword, and she strikes a pose. The Senshi beg her to remember them, and she replies that she does remember, but now plans to defeat them and become stronger. Dark Mercury uses the sword to send an energy attack at her former friends, and Sailor Jupiter manages to block most of it, although it burns a hole through her gloves.

Sailor Moon summons her Moonlight Stick and attempts to heal her, but although Dark Mercury flinches momentarily, she scatters the power with a swing of her sword. Luna is dismayed that not even Sailor Moon's power can heal her. Kunzite steps forward and says that Sailor Mercury has received the power of darkness and has been reborn; his words are accompanied by an image of Ami standing before Queen Metalia, being flooded by dark energy. Kunzite adds that there is no chance she can return. Sailor Moon refuses to believe it, but Dark Mercury tells her farewell and prepares to attack. Before she can, however, Kunzite stops her, saying that's enough for one day, and the two of them vanish. The three Senshi stare at the place where she had been standing as Artemis looks on and expresses his dismay.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is standing before Queen Metalia's pillar when Kunzite and Dark Mercury arrive. Beryl is displeased to see a Sailor Senshi, and asks how she can help them. Kunzite replies that, since Zoisite has not awoken, she can help them revive the great evil. Beryl is doubtful that Dark Mercury can replace Zoisite, but Dark Mercury arrogantly tells her to reserve judgement until she has defeated the Sailor Senshi. Dark Mercury adds that she refuses to be anyone's subordinate, then turns and walks off. Beryl glares at Kunzite, who only smiles and bows to her. In the background, Jadeite watches, wondering what Kunzite is planning.

In the Secret Base, Rei, Usagi, and Makoto look at the mittens Ami had knitted and left for them. Luna tries to take the blame for what happened, but Rei says that it's not her fault. Usagi wonders why Ami didn't call them for help. Luna points out that they have been falling apart as a group lately, and says that Ami believed they would be back together soon.

Makoto sits alone in her apartment, looking at her pair of green mittens, and remembers brushing off Ami's attempt to talk to her about them. She thinks about how happy she was to have made a friend, and wonders when she started taking her for granted.

Rei lies on the floor in her room, remembering the last time she saw Ami in the Secret Base. She sets one hand on her pair of red mittens, and wonders what she was thinking when she decided to work alone.

Usagi sits in her room, thinking about how she hasn't talked to Ami much lately because she's been thinking about Mamoru. She glances down at the muffler sitting on the bed beside her.

At Mamoru's apartment, he and Hina are eating dinner. Hina talks about the food and her cooking class, but after a moment realizes that Mamoru is just staring at his plate and not eating. She waves a hand in front of his face, and he returns to himself and apologizes. Looking serious, Hina asks him if he's really okay with keeping the promise he'd made to her father, to study abroad and marry her, if he doesn't remember his past. He doesn't answer for a moment, and Hina says that's what she thought, but he insists that he will not break his promise. He adds that it's probably better not to chase the past, then thinks to himself that if he does, he'll probably see "her."

In her room, Usagi firmly tells herself that she has to forget, and shoves the muffler into a drawer. She sees her pair of pink mittens, picks them up, and sadly says Ami's name.

The next morning, Usagi arrives at school and is shocked to find the entire class gathered around Ami's desk. Usagi enthusiastically goes to greet her friend, but her classmates all fall silent and regard her coldly. Naru steps forward and sternly tells Usagi not to be so familiar with "Mizuno-san." Ami smiles and rises to her feet, telling Usagi that she didn't want to miss school, and therefore brainwashed their classmates; she says that she doesn't want to fight at school, but tells Usagi to not let her guard down. Usagi is stunned. Ami just gives her a malicious smile.

Jadeite approaches Kunzite as he walks down a hallway in the Dark Kingdom, and asks if the Princess is real. Kunzite replies that he learned from Mercury that the Sailor Senshi, at least, believe her to be real. He adds that Jadeite is just like he was in the past, which comment confuses the other Shitennou. Kunzite starts to walk past, but pauses and tells Jadeite that Nephrite is too concerned about what's in front of his eyes, and offers to help Jadeite to achieve something.

At lunchtime, all the girls in the class gather around Ami's desk, leaving Usagi alone. Usagi goes up to the roof to sit in Ami's usual spot, and is joined there by Luna. Luna is surprised that Ami came to school, as she didn't expect that. Usagi wonders if they always left Ami alone, and says that rather than fight against her friend, she'll give up being Sailor Moon. Artemis arrives and firmly tells her that she can't do that; he says that orders from the Princess say that they have to fight her. Luna protests that Mercury is their friend, but Artemis says that they have to fight, for the sake of the Earth. Usagi looks unhappy.

In the Secret Base, Rei and Makoto express their unwillingness to fight against their friend. Luna tells them that the Princess's orders make sense, but sounds doubtful. Usagi sits slumped in her chair, not saying anything. A Youma suddenly appears at an amusement park and Luna, sensing its presence, alerts the Senshi.

The three girls arrive at the park to find the Youma's victims strewn across the ground, as it attacks another civilian. Usagi tells the others that for now they need to focus on fighting this Youma; they agree, and all transform. The Youma sees this and runs away, so Sailor Mars suggests that they split up and go after it.

As Sailor Moon runs past the carousel, she hears someone call her name. When she turns around, she sees Ami sitting on one of the horses. Ami challenges her to a fight, then transforms with Dark Power, Make Up.

The Youma runs through an aquarium, pursued by Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter. They follow it through a doorway and find themselves in a large, dark room, then split up in search of the Youma. As they walk through the room it appears and disappears behind them, as though mocking them. The two Senshi finally bump into each other, then a light switches on and illuminates the Youma; the two run after it but by the time they reach the light it's gone. Another light switches on and shows Sailor Moon being thrown violently onto a stage. Dark Mercury slowly approaches her. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter try to go to her rescue, but the Youma reappears and grabs the two of them by their throats, draining their energy.

Dark Mercury approaches the prone Sailor Moon and attacks - but her sword is suddenly blocked by Sailor Venus's chain. Venus orders Sailor Moon to pull herself together as she deals with Dark Mercury. The two of them trade blows, after which Sailor Venus collapses and Dark Mercury mocks her for being so weak. Dark Mercury then approaches Sailor Moon; Sailor Venus orders Sailor Moon to fight, telling her that it's her duty, but Sailor Moon is still reluctant. As Dark Mercury continues to approach, Sailor Moon closes her eyes and stands, transforming back into Usagi. Usagi apologizes to her friend, and thanks her for the mittens, saying that she was only thinking about herself, and she won't do it anymore. Dark Mercury only stares at the mittens, as Usagi asks her to come back to the Crown with her.

Dark Mercury suddenly looks up again, bringing up her sword in a blow that slices the mittens in half, and asks Usagi if she's done with her speech. Usagi stares down at the mittens, silent, as tears well up in her eyes. One tear falls and strikes her brooch, which starts to glow pink. The light expands and Dark Mercury flinches back from it as though in pain, and as the light hits the Youma it quickly flees. The pink light fades, then Usagi is surrounded by a golden light which transforms her back into Sailor Moon, then expands from her brooch outwards. Sailor Venus, watching this, smiles approvingly. Dark Mercury draws back, moaning in pain while she tries to shield her eyes, as the Youma is destroyed by the light. For a moment Dark Mercury starts to turn back to Ami, but Kunzite rushes in and takes her away.

The light fades away and Sailor Moon sinks to her knees. Sailor Venus tells her that she's found her real power and has started to awaken; she only needs a little bit more to remember all her powers. Sailor Moon hardly seems to notice, though, and only stares at the spot where Ami had been. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter join her, and Jupiter notices that the mittens are back in one piece. She suggests that the light must have repaired them. Sailor Moon clutches the mittens close to her and begins to cry. Sailor Mars, with tears in her own eyes, says that Ami has taught them they need to stick together. Sailor Jupiter nods in agreement, and says that they need to hurry and get Ami back, so she can be with them. Luna climbs onto Sailor Moon's shoulder and encourages them, saying that the real Ami is waiting for them.

Queen Beryl stands amid a rush of dark power, saying that Queen Metalia's power has once again increased. She declares that this time she will succeed and rule the Earth. Elsewhere, in a wall with four crevices, a stone begins to glow green.

Hina and Mamoru get out of the elevator at his apartment building, but as they approach his door they can hear piano music coming from inside the apartment. Hina asks if it could be a CD, then worries that there might be someone inside. Mamoru tells her to wait there for a moment, then goes inside. When he reaches the living room, he finds the insubstantial form of Zoisite and his piano. Zoisite rises to his feet and reaches out to Mamoru, calling him "Master Endymion." Mamoru stares at him, stunned.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • In this episode, Ami's wish for her Senshi friends to come back together was ironically fulfilled when she left and became their enemy, forcing them to unite and deal with this situation.
  • It is evident in this episode that Dark Mercury still possessed the memories of her previous self, and it was her attitude and personality that were changed along with her physical appearance.
  • This episode showed the first instance of a Senshi transforming back into their civilian form.


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