Act 20 - Hina was Mamoru's Fiancee...

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While Usagi and Mamoru are on a double date with Hikari Nozaki and Daichi Shimizu, many Youma begin appearing throughout the city; while the Senshi are busy fighting, Kunzite captures Sailor Mercury.


PGSM Episode
Usagi finds out that Mamoru is engaged
Name (kanji/kana): 陽菜さんは衛の婚約者だったの…
Name (romaji): Hina-san wa Mamoru no Konyakusha Datta no...
Name (translated): Hina was Mamoru's Fiancee...
Episode Number: 20
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: February 21, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 19 - Usagi's Nervous Valentine
Next Episode: Act 21 - What Did You Do to Ami?

Nephrite takes the false tiara from Princess Sailor Venus's head and declares that he now has the Silver Crystal. Sailor Mars attacks and tries to use Akuryo Taisan, but he blocks it with his cape. Nephrite triumphantly says that this will give Queen Beryl control over Queen Metalia, but Sailor Venus suddenly leaps to her feet, ordering Sailor Mars to duck, and points at the tiara. The tiara glows gold and suddenly explodes, burning Nephrite's hand. Shocked, he glares at Sailor Venus, who only smiles, asks if he really thought she'd give him the real one, and opens a case, from which spills a number of other tiaras. Nephrite departs in a swirl of his cape. Kunzite watches from the shadows, observing that the Princess seemed suspicious, then adds that he thinks he wants a Sailor Senshi.

In the Secret Base, Ami busily works on knitting her mittens. She looks at the empty chairs at the table and thinks that everyone has been going their own ways lately, but she believes that everyone will soon be together again.

Now un-transformed, Minako demands to know why Rei was there, because she'd already told Rei not to worry about what she was doing. Rei says she wanted to talk to Minako because she was concerned, and it seemed to her like the Princess was trying to get caught. Minako replies that Rei needs to awaken as a Senshi so that she can remember it for herself, and starts to leave. Rei tries to stop her, but Minako sharply tells Rei that she could be the leader of the Senshi, and should know what she needs to do.

Once outside, Minako has to stop and hold onto the stair railing as she puts one hand to her head. Artemis appears and asks if she's all right, and she nods, but still doesn't look well.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite reports to Queen Beryl about his failure. Beryl berates him, angry, but Jadeite says that they couldn't have known the Princess would be prepared with false Silver Crystals. Kunzite, in the background, suggests that perhaps all she has are fakes. Nephrite snaps at him for just watching and not helping, and Kunzite replies with a smirk that he's working on something interesting. Beryl looks after him and wonders aloud what he could be planning.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki gleefully tells Kamekichi that he's not the only one in love. He immediately perks up as Makoto enters, and thanks her again for the muffler, saying that it's very warm. She throws an absent wave over her shoulder as she heads inside, barely noticing him as he almost climbs over the counter in his excitement.

Luna plays with a ball of yarn, then apologizes to Ami when it rolls away. Ami, still knitting, says to not worry about it. Makoto enters then and Ami tries to show her what she's knitting, but Makoto brushes it off and says she thinks she needs to tell Usagi about Mamoru's fiancee. When Ami gives a halfhearted sort of agreement in response, Makoto charges off again, and Luna wonders if Usagi will be okay with that news.

Rei enters then and wonders where Makoto and Usagi are, and Ami tells her they haven't forgotten about what they need to be doing. Rei replies that it's okay if they did, because she's on guard, and needs to fight alone to become a better Senshi. Luna points out that they've been fighting together up to now, but Rei replies that it's not enough, because the Princess is fighting alone. Just as Ami goes to get her a cup of tea, Rei jumps up and leaves, saying that nothing will get done if she stays there. Luna worries that it's a bad trend that everyone is going off in different directions, but Ami says that she thinks everything will work out.

Usagi sits in her room, looking at the muffler she made and thinking about Tuxedo Mask's encouraging words. Her mother knocks on the door and announces that a "friend" is there, and Usagi quickly shoves the muffler into a hiding place before she answers. Ikuko opens the door and Hikari enters. Once Ikuko leaves, Hikari tells Usagi that she has a date with Daichi, but since they're kids they can't go places on their own, and she asks Usagi to come along. Usagi wonders if she won't be in the way, but Hikari says it's okay because Daichi got Hina's boyfriend Mamoru to come as well, so it'll be a double date. Usagi thinks about it, then glances over at where the muffler is hidden.

Daichi and Mamoru are waiting together at a bus stop when Hikari and Usagi arrive. Mamoru tells Usagi to not get lost, and Hikari pipes up that it'll be okay because she'll take care of Usagi, and Daichi adds that he'll help look for her too. As the four of them talk, Makoto approaches, "disguised" with a coat and hat, and puts on a pair of sunglasses.

On the bus, Daichi and Hikari talk happily about the Valentine's chocolate and Daichi's new game while Usagi and Mamoru sneak surreptitious glances at each other. In the meantime, Makoto sits at the front of the bus, all bundled up in her "disguise."

When they get to the park, Daichi and Hikari take their tickets and hurry off as Mamoru calls after them to not go too far away. Usagi tells herself to not think too hard about it and act normal, but she's so nervous that she walks stiffly. Mamoru points that out, looking amused, and Usagi gives him a nervous smile. Daichi and Hikari call for them to catch up, and the two of them hurry to follow the children. In the background, Makoto drops some coins and pauses to pick them up.

Usagi, Mamoru, Daichi, and Hikaru enjoy themselves at the park and enjoy a picnic on the lawn. As they walk down the path all holding hands in a row, Makoto ducks behind a tree and asks herself what she's doing. She says that she meant to tell Usagi about Mamoru being engaged, but...

Rei sits before her fire, concentrating, then opens her eyes and comments that it's not so easy to see, but the flame suddenly flares up and swirls.

Out in an open plaza, various Youma appear and disappear, terrifying the passers-by. Rei runs up and sees this, but the Youma all vanish before she can catch them. She observes that they're illusions of Youma, but wonders why it's happening.

Kunzite is striding down a hallway in the Dark Kingdom when Jadeite comes up behind him, demanding to know what he's doing, because his illusions will make it harder for him to gather energy. Kunzite cuts him off and asks if he's never had any doubts about the Princess, but Jadeite only looks confused.

Artemis wrings out a washcloth and sets it on Minako's forehead as she lies in bed, telling her that she needs to rest. Minako starts to say that if she can just awaken Sailor Mars, but Artemis interrupts her and says that she needs to not overdo things.

Rei chases the Youma illusions through Tokyo, as Kunzite's voice continues to explain to Jadeite that he wants to see if the Princess is real, and to do that he's using the Sailor Senshi.

Ami continues to knit, all alone in the Secret Base.

At the park, Usagi drops onto a bench and says that she needs to rest. Hikari sees a ride she wants to go on, but Usagi refuses; Mamoru tells Hikari and Daichi to go together, and he'll wait with Usagi. After the children leave, Mamoru goes to get Usagi a drink. Makoto, watching, thinks that this may be the chance. Mamoru sits on the bench beside Usagi, and she glances at the muffler in her bag, thinking that she can give it to him now. Just as she turns to talk to him, though, Hikari and Daichi return with Hina in tow. Usagi stands to make room for Hina on the bench, and Daichi leads her to sit, saying that the bride needs to be with her fiance. Usagi is startled, but Hina modestly says that they're waiting until they both graduate from college. Makoto, still watching in the distance, cringes as she sees this. Usagi looks distinctly uncomfortable, but suddenly spots two of the Youma illusions and, claiming she remembered something she had to do, runs off. Makoto looks upset and tells herself that she should have told Usagi before.

Usagi slows and finally stops on the path, thinking to herself that it was stupid of her to hope. The Youma illusions suddenly appear around her once more, and she transforms into Sailor Moon.

Mamoru starts to walk away from the group and tells Hina, when she asks where he's going, that he'll be right back. Makoto watches him leave.

Rei watches three Youma illusions, wondering aloud what their purpose could be.

Luna naps on a pillow on the table at the Secret Base. Ami smiles and declares her knitting finally finished, then stretches and leaves, not wanting to bother the sleeping Luna. She walks along the road, smiling happily to herself.

Usagi uneasily watches the Youma circling her. Tuxedo Mask comes running, but stops as Makoto abruptly steps into his path. She glares at him and asks if he's really Mamoru Chiba.

As Ami walks down the road, Kunzite appears before her in a swirl of black rose petals. He says that he's pleased to see she's the one he caught, and tells her that it's no use to call her friends, as they're busy elsewhere and won't make it in time. Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury and uses Shine Aqua Illusion, but Kunzite deflects it with his sword, then does the same thing when she tries Mercury Aqua Mist. He declares that from now on, she belongs to him, and sends a blast of purple-black energy that envelops her and leaves her unconscious.

The various Youma illusions disappear, leaving Rei and Sailor Moon confused.

Tuxedo Mask and Makoto glare at each other, unmoving.

The place where Ami and Kunzite were standing is now empty except for a few black petals littering the ground.

In the Secret Base, the sleeping Luna now has a scarf of alternating green, red, blue, and pink bands wrapped around her, and matching green, red, blue, and pink mittens sit in a neat row on the table nearby.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • In the scene at the park, the song playing in the background was "Over Rainbow Tour."
  • In old-fashioned Eastern dating culture, couples often bring along children to avoid the "embarrassment" of the two being together alone (both for being seen in the public and for the couple themselves). In this episode, however, it was the older Mamoru and Usagi who were playing the children's role for the dating child couple Daichi and Hikari.
  • A double date, such as the one which took place in this episode, is often written in Japanese by substituting the capital letter W for the word "double."


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