Act 19 - Usagi's Nervous Valentine

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Usagi helps a little girl named Hikari Nozaki give Valentine's Day chocolates to the boy she likes, which encourages her enough that she gives chocolates to Tuxedo Mask. Minako continues her campaign to distract the enemy, and Rei wonders why the "Princess" is acting as a decoy.


PGSM Episode
Usagi and Hikari encounter Mamoru and Hina
Name (kanji/kana): うさぎのドキドキバレンタイン
Name (romaji): Usagi no Dokidoki Barentain
Name (translated): Usagi's Nervous Valentine
Episode Number: 19
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: February 14, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 18 - At Last, All Five Sailor Senshi are Together
Next Episode: Act 20 - Hina was Mamoru's Fiancee...

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl walks through the newly-opened portal and finds a glowing red tower. She declares that to be the sign of Queen Metalia, and congratulates Jadeite and Nephrite for their work. The two of them bow, and Jadeite says that he will continue gathering energy, while Nephrite says he will keep hunting the Princess. They depart, leaving Kunzite alone with Beryl. Kunzite comments on the Princess' success thus far, and says that she will fall...again. Beryl looks startled and asks him if he has his memories. He seems not to know what she's talking about, and simply says that he'll pull back and allow the other two Shitennou to work. Beryl stares intently at him as he turns to leave, then once he's gone, declares that she will not allow the Princess to get in the way this time.

Minako takes hold of her suitcase, but grows faint and drops to her knees beside the bed. Artemis asks her if she's okay, sounding concerned, but she only says that they have to move again.

Rei stares at her fire, wondering why the Princess has to fight alone and give the enemy the chance to go after her. She remembers Princess Sailor Venus's order not to leave Sailor Moon's side, then her declaration that Sailor Mars has a lot of growing to do as a Sailor Senshi, and her hands clench tightly into fists.

In her room, Usagi carefully adds the fringe at the end of the muffler, then gathers the finished project up to admire it proudly. Her smile slowly fades, though, as she looks at it.

Ami busily works on her knitting in the Secret Base. Makoto observes that she'd thought Ami was finished with her school project, and Ami replies that she is, but she still likes knitting, and now she's making mittens. Makoto asks if they're also for her mother, but Ami doesn't answer; Makoto doesn't seem to notice, though, and goes on to wonder to whom she will give her project, because she doesn't like the color very much. The girls talk about Usagi, the muffler she wanted to give to Mamoru, and how she doesn't know that Hina and Mamoru are engaged to be married. As they talk, Usagi wanders up to her house, looking sad. Ami observes that Usagi told them not to let Rei know about the situation with Mamoru, and Makoto agrees that Rei doesn't like men very much. When Makoto wonders just where Rei is, Ami replies that she's talking to Luna, but she doesn't know what they're talking about.

In the meantime, Rei and Luna are at the Hikawa Shrine. Rei asks about the mission of the Sailor Senshi, because the Princess insists that she doesn't need them to protect her after all. Luna replies that she's been having a hard time getting in touch with Artemis, so in the meantime they should just do what the Princess says. Rei is unhappy with the situation and wants to talk to the Princess again about it, but Luna points out that they can't because they don't know who she is, and Rei looks away almost guiltily.

Minako works on a picture of herself to put on her webpage, which she thinks will get the attention of the enemy. Artemis is concerned about her health and suggests that she take a break, but Minako says that if the enemy doesn't find her they will attack Sailor Moon instead. Artemis reluctantly agrees. Minako then hands him a box with his Valentine's Day present, which when opened turns out to be a spring-loaded stuffed toy which startles the plushie cat. Minako laughs and says that she lied, handing him the real present.

Usagi enters her room and pauses before her table, then pulls the muffler out of its bag. She thinks about Valentine's Day, and about Mamoru. She tells herself that Hina fits him perfectly, then stuffs the muffler back into the bag.

The next morning Usagi is surprised to find a strange girl sitting at the dining room table, but her mother introduces the child as her friend's daughter, Hikari Nozaki. She says that they're taking care of Hikari for the day, and since Shingo was shy and ran off, Usagi needs to entertain the girl. After breakfast, the two of them go up to Usagi's room, and Usagi suggests playing various games. Hikari isn't interested, though, and says she wants some advice. Hikari asks if Usagi has been in love, because she's suffering through Valentine's Day.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki gives Kamekichi a gift from his girlfriend, then pauses and wonders why his turtle got a present when he didn't get anything. He looks momentarily hopeful when Ami comes inside and pauses at the counter to dig around in her bag, but she only pulls out her passport and shows it to him.

Ami enters the Secret Base to find Rei and Makoto arguing. As Rei storms past her out the door, she asks Makoto what's going on. Makoto replies that Rei knows something about the Princess she won't tell the others, and she thinks that keeping secrets is a bad thing. Ami points out that they're keeping a secret from Usagi, but Makoto insists that's different. Makoto then sighs, saying that thinking about Usagi makes her depressed, and gathers her things to leave. Ami watches her go, looking unhappy.

Motoki mournfully feeds Kamekichi, telling his turtle how jealous he is, then suddenly sneezes. Makoto walks by just then, and pauses to pull her muffler out of her bag and offer it to Motoki. She says that she made it for class but doesn't like the color, and would like him to have it. Motoki is thrilled that he got something for Valentine's Day, and excitedly wraps the muffler around his neck.

As they walk down the street, Hikari tells Usagi that she's in love with Daichi Shimizu, a boy in her class. She says that they need to buy him some chocolates that will make him like her, because he already likes a girl. Hikari suddenly pauses and points out a couple inside a nearby store; Usagi turns to see what she's looking at and sees Mamoru and Hina looking at clothes, and immediately tries to leave. Hikari doesn't budge, though, and says that's Daichi's tutor, the girl he likes. Hina and Mamoru come out of the store, and Hina cheerfully greets Hikari, then does the same to Usagi. Usagi looks momentarily uncomfortable, but politely says that she's watching Hikari for her mother. Hina smiles and gives the two girls some candy; Mamoru laughs a little as Usagi takes hers, and she makes a face at him. The couple then walks off and Usagi watches them, then sighs and unwraps her candy. Hikari hands her candy to a random girl walking past, then sternly declares that she will not lose to "that woman." Usagi stares at her in disbelief, then quickly shoves her candy back in the wrapper.

In the store, Usagi looks at a display of chocolates and suggests the smallest, cheapest one to Hikari. She, however, has gone to a very large and expensive chocolate heart and asks the saleslady for it. When Usagi wonders if she can afford it, Hikari says it's okay, because she saved all her New Year's money for it.

As they walk down the street, Usagi tells Hikari that she admires her for her determination. Hikari replies that it's because she really loves Daichi. Usagi thinks about it, then wonders if she should give a present, too, and suggests the muffler she'd knitted. Hikari, however, says that she heard on TV that giving something handmade as a first present is a bad idea. Usagi decides to go back to the store to get some chocolate, and Hikari says she doesn't mind.

Across the street, Rei watches a store display showing a TV broadcast about idol websites, giving Minako's site as an example. Her website prominently displays a photo of Minako with distinctive buildings behind her, and Rei wonders why she seems to be asking the enemy to come attack her. She hurries off, declaring that she needs to find the location in that photo.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite tells Jadeite that he knows where the Princess is, and asks if he wants to help.

Hikari and Usagi walk down the street, chocolates in hand, and offer encouragement to each other. Usagi's cheerful determination fades, however, as she turns the corner and sees Mamoru sitting on his motorcycle outside Daichi's house. Hina comes out of the house with Daichi, who is holding a present, and admonishes her pupil not to play games all day. She then climbs into the motorcycle behind Mamoru, and the two of them leave. Usagi stares after them, then realizes that Hikari has started to cry. She crouches down and tries to encourage the girl, but it doesn't seem to help. Daichi sees them and hurries over, asking Hikari what's wrong, but she starts to back away. Usagi tells her that if she loves Daichi that much, she can't give up, and Hikari stops crying and holds the bag out to Daichi. Daichi is happy to receive the chocolate, and asks Hikari to come inside and play his new game. Usagi smiles as the two kids run inside together - then looks down at the chocolate in her hands, disappointed with herself.

Rei sits in a park, flipping through a book of photos, then pauses as she finds the one in the picture on Minako's website.

Usagi walks down the street, looking dejected, when she suddenly hears a woman scream and starts to run toward the source of the sound. In an open plaza, a Youma has appeared and is attacking the people passing by. Usagi arrives and notes that she's never seen one go after this many people at once before, but doesn't stop too long to think about it before transforming into Sailor Moon.

Not too far away, Mamoru hears the sounds of the fight and looks toward the source, but then Hina arrives and wonders aloud about the noise.

Sailor Moon and the Youma have moved their fight into a large, open building. Using Moon Tiara Boomerang, Sailor Moon wounds the Youma's arm, but that only seems to infuriate it. After some ballet-fu, Sailor Moon does a flip to escape an attack - but when she lands the Youma has disappeared. She looks around in confusion, and suddenly Tuxedo Mask yells for her to look up and throws his cane, intercepting the Youma in mid-air so she can escape. Sailor Moon summons the Moonlight Stick and uses Moon Twilight Flash to destroy the Youma. Jadeite, hidden behind a nearby pillar, smiles evilly and vanishes.

Sailor Moon runs after Tuxedo Mask as he leaves, then gives him the Valentine's Day chocolates as thanks for helping her so much. He asks if she doesn't have anyone else to give them to, and she replies that she made a muffler for that person, though she doesn't think she'll give it to him. When he asks why, she says that he already has a girlfriend and she can't compete, but then pauses and wonders, embarassed, why she's telling him these things. In the meantime, he thinks to himself that she has someone else that she likes. Sailor Moon thanks him again and starts to leave, but he stops her and says that if she likes this person that much, she shouldn't give up so easily - she might be able to give him that muffler someday. As he leaves, she wonders to herself why it's so much easier to talk to him now.

First as Tuxedo Mask, then as Mamoru, he thinks to himself about what he'd just told Sailor Moon, but observes that he can only continue to protect her from the shadows. He approaches Hina, who smiles at him in greeting.

Usagi walks off, thinking about his words, and wonders if the day might really come when she can give Mamoru the muffler.

Rei arrives at the building, but once she's inside it seems to be empty. She wonders to herself if she's overthinking things, but suddenly senses the enemy presence; she transforms into Sailor Mars and runs off. Sailor Mars finds Princess Sailor Venus trapped by Nephrite, who smirks and tells her that she's too late, then grabs the False Tiara from Venus' head.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Hina treated Usagi and the little girl Hikari in the same way when she gave candy to both of them.
  • It is a tradition for Japanese TV drama/anime series to air a Valentine's Day episode on or around that day, and this episode follows that tradition.


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