Act 17 - Minako Transforms in Front of Rei's Eyes!

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Rei and Minako's rivalry heats up as Usagi copes with Mamoru having a girlfriend and her mixed feelings for him and Tuxedo Mask.


PGSM Episode
Rei and Minako take care of the stray dog
Name (kanji/kana): レイのめのまえで美奈子が変身!
Name (romaji): Rei no Me no Mae de Minako ga Henshin!
Name (translated): Minako Transforms in Front of Rei's Eyes!
Episode Number: 17
Director: Takemitsu Sato
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: January 31, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 16 - I Must Save Osaka!
Next Episode: Act 18 - At Last, All Five Sailor Senshi are Together

Hina Kusaka and Mamoru are walking to his motorcycle and Hina asks him about the girl they had just seen. If Mamoru knew her, Hina suggested, maybe she had come to see him. Mamoru tells Hina that if Usagi had come to see him, she would have said something. Hina is satisfied with this answer, but Mamoru is struck by the thought Usagi might have come to visit him. They mount the motorcycle, Hina wraps her arms around Mamoru, and they fly off.

Usagi is walking down the street with a bag of cookies meant for Mamoru when she hears the sound of a motorcycle and turns to see Mamoru and Hina racing past her. She turns and walks in another direction, through crowds, reassuring herself that there is nothing between her and Mamoru. She opens the bag of cookies and takes a bite. Then, running, she makes her way to a busy street crossing where she pauses. Hearing an announcement about Minako Aino, she turns to listen, then continues on her way.

Meanwhile, Minako Aino is drinking a glass of water in her hotel while listening to the announcement on TV about her upcoming album. Artemis tells her that the enemy does not seem to be able to find out where they are and that will give them some time. He asks her how she is doing and she begins to tell him that she is doing well when a pain in her head causes her to drop the magazine she had been carrying and pass out on the couch beside her.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite announces that they have made gains in awakening Queen Metalia. Queen Beryl commands Kunzite to continue to gather energy to fully awaken Metalia. Kunzite says that he will do so, but only in the name of Metalia. Outraged, Nephrite asks if that means Kunzite refuses to be loyal to Beryl. Kunzite states that Beryl has him and suggests that he be useful to her.

Jadeite enters the throne room and addresses Beryl, apologizing for being away. She welcomes him back to work for her and he gratefully accepts with his life.

Class 1 is ending. The assignment is to make a muffler or a one-piece dress for the final. The teacher suggests that they think of someone, like a sweetheart, to give it to because it is such a big project. Naru suggests that Usagi is going to give her muffler to Mamoru, and Usagi remembers seeing him with Hina.

Back at Karaoke Crown, Ami is working on her muffler and Makoto asks about the project. Ami tells her that she is making the muffler for her mother and Makoto wonders for whom she should make her muffler. She asks Usagi if she has thought of someone yet. Usagi pictures Mamoru and seems sad, but then smiles and shouts out that she has decided to give the muffler to Tuxedo Mask. Makoto and Ami are a little shocked and they ask why. Usagi tells them it’s because he is not Mamoru and Tuxedo Mask is the one she likes most after all. Makoto asks what she’s talking about, but Usagi decides that it’s time to go shopping for her project. She grabs her things and runs out the door as Makoto is calling after her. Makoto asks Ami if something is wrong, but Ami does not know either. Makoto decides to go talk to Rei, but Ami reminds her that it is the anniversary of Rei’s mother’s death, so she is at the church.

Rei kneels in front of a gravestone which reads, "Risa Hino 1963-1995". She lays a bouquet of white flowers on the stone and clasps her hands in prayer. A priest approaches her and tells her that her mother must be pleased. He suggests that if she came with her father, she might be more pleased. Rei tells the priest that her father has been a workaholic since her mother died. She adds that she doesn’t think her mother wanted it this way. The priest gives her a reassuring pat on the shoulder as the church bells ring.

Inside the church, a figure kneels in front of the tabernacle. It is Minako Aino.

Meanwhile, Nephrite tells Jadeite that Sailor Venus is the Princess and has the Silver Crystal. With that power, he says, they could awaken Queen Metalia instantly. However, they are unable to find Sailor Venus. Nephrite complains about being stuck with Kunzite and tells Jadeite of Kunzite’s blatant disrespect for Beryl. Kunzite is shown practicing his sword fighting in a dark stairwell. Nephrite suggests to Jadeite that Kunzite might be after Metalia’s power for himself. Jadeite says that is impossible, and that he will gather the energy needed to awaken Metalia for Beryl.

Usagi is feigning happiness when Makoto catches up with her on the street. Makoto grabs her arm, forcing her to stop, and tells her that Tuxedo Mask is their enemy. Usagi tells her that she has said already that he has saved them many times, and walks away from Makoto. Makoto insists that he is a thief. At the yarn store, Usagi examines various colors and compares them to her image of Tuxedo Mask with difficulty. Makoto continues to insist that she should see him as a thief. Usagi is distracted by the yarn and runs off to the other side of the store. Makoto grabs her arm and asks her if she is listening. Usagi replies that she is, and with a big smile races towards her prize. Outside the store, Usagi tosses the white yarn up in the air with excitement. Makoto tells her to stop thinking of Tuxedo Mask because she might regret it, but Usagi interrupts her by saying she is very hungry and runs ahead. Makoto chases after her.

Back at the church, Minako finishes her time in the chapel and makes her way outside. Rei, leaving the graveyard, passes Minako at the foot of an outdoor staircase without recognition.

The priest calls out to Minako and Rei overhears. He asks for her help with something and directs her towards the outside gates. Curious, Rei follows. There is a golden retriever lying on the ground outside the church gates; the priest tells Minako that it is fatigued. Rei comes out and kneels down beside them. Minako recognizes her as Sailor Mars and wonders why she is there. They bring the dog inside and make it comfortable. The priest tells Minako and Rei that the dog probably has a cold and will be better once it has rested. The girls are relieved. A nun comes in and tells the priest that they have to go. Rei offers to watch the dog and then Minako says she will as well. The priest thanks them and leaves. Minako pets the dog telling it it will be all right, as Rei watches from a distance.

Usagi and Makoto munch on their snacks in a sea of pigeons, and Usagi asks Makoto to help her with her homework for class, because she didn’t understand the lesson. Makoto says she will but only for school, not for Tuxedo Mask. Usagi agrees wholeheartedly, then Makoto asks her if she is serious about Tuxedo Mask. Usagi says she is and asks why, to which Makoto suggests that she wasn’t clear about it before. Usagi pretends to not know what she’s talking about, but she has a clear and melancholy memory of her sharing her dumpling with Mamoru on their trip to find gifts for Shin.

Usagi shakes herself from the memory, then jumps up, shouting that it is time to go to Crown, and runs off. Makoto is a bit stunned, and is left to carry everything they had bought.

Back at the church, Rei and Minako are tending to the dog. Rei looks up across the room and sees something that catches her eye. She then looks at Minako who is busily patting the dog. "Oh," Rei says, "I finally know!" After seeing a magazine with Minako on it, Rei had made the connection to why she recognized the girl with her. Minako laughs a little and says Rei is the first girl she has met that does not know her. Rei tells her that she doesn’t watch TV much, but her friend is a big fan. Minako says that she remembers her from the visit at the hospital.

At the Crown, Usagi is singing karaoke to "C'est la Vie." Ami and Makoto watch her as if she has totally lost her mind.

Rei and Minako’s conversation continues, and Minako tells her that she likes to go to church alone to think about ‘various things.’ “Various things?” Rei asks, but Minako does not elaborate. The dog’s stomach growls and the girls laugh, noting that if it is hungry then it’s probably feeling better. Minako says that she only has candy, and Rei suggests that it might not be good for it, so Minako gives some of the candy to Rei and Rei thanks her.

Outside, the priest is attacked by a Youma. Rei senses it and jumps up to run out. At the door, she pauses and turns to excuse herself to Minako. Rei runs out and confronts the Youma, then transforms into Sailor Mars. She uses Youma Taisan, but the Youma dodges the attack. Sailor Mars pursues it and Minako runs out. Artemis is there and tells her that she shouldn’t fight, but Minako is conflicted.

Usagi is walking with Ami and Makoto and talking about how her muffler fits Tuxedo Mask perfectly. Makoto tells her it’s not even close to finished yet, but Usagi says it doesn’t matter. They get an alert on their phones from Luna telling them about the Youma at the church. The three of them run off.

As they are scaling stairs to a pedestrian overpass, Usagi runs ahead. When she gets to the top, she turns to tell the others to hurry, but then accidentally runs into Mamoru and Hina, dropping her partially finished muffler on the ground. They are shocked to see one another, and there is a long awkward silence. Hina is the first to speak and she is very concerned about Usagi’s muffler, because she is still working on it and it is in a delicate state. She is apologetic and picks the muffler up for Usagi. Handing it to her, she asks, “It’s important to you, right?” Usagi considers this and looks at Mamoru, then at Hina. Makoto and Ami look on, waiting. Then Usagi grabs the muffler from Hina, apologizes, and runs off as quickly as she had come. Makoto calls after her and apologizes to Mamoru and Hina, explaining that they are in a hurry. Then Makoto and Ami run after Usagi. Makoto chases after Usagi, telling her she’s going the wrong way. Ami stops running, but Makoto catches up to her and asks her what is wrong. Usagi stops and tells Makoto that Mamoru’s girlfriend is very nice. She says that she did her best, but she can’t fight it anymore. “The one I like....” she begins, thinking of Mamoru – but she never finishes the sentence.

Back at the church, Sailor Mars is fighting the Youma in the gymnasium. They exchange blows and dodges, and finally the Youma lands a direct attack. Sailor Mars is knocked to the floor as Minako comes running in. Artemis tells her to stop, but Minako is reluctant to back down. She tells the Youma to stop, and Sailor Mars yells for her to run away. With a cry of "Venus Power, Make Up!" Minako transforms on the stage, much to Sailor Mars’ surprise.

Sailor Venus taunts the Youma by showing off her tiara and mentioning the Silver Crystal. Sailor Mars is still in a state of shock as Venus prepares to attack.

Usagi is sitting on a staircase outside staring at her muffler while Makoto watches from a few steps above her. Church bells ring in the distance.

Back at the gymnasium, Venus and Mars exchange blows with the Youma. Sailor Venus throws her moon shaped compact at the Youma, but it is deflected.

By now, it is night and Usagi is walking along the street alone, tearful.

Jadeite arrives at the gymnasium, and says that it is an unexpected catch to find the Princess there. Sailor Venus maneuvers around the Youma and uses her Venus Beam attack against it. The Youma counters with a weapon attack that narrowly misses Venus, but hits the wall behind her and explodes. Venus is thrown to the ground, and Mars rushes to her side to see if she is okay. Venus tells Mars to go after the Youma, but Mars insists on making sure the Princess is okay before she goes. Venus, quite angry, scolds Mars for letting the Youma get away. She tells Mars she is disappointed with her and says that she may be a Senshi but she has a lot to learn. Mars looks down briefly but then a look of defiance crosses her face as she stands up to face Sailor Venus.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Minako's illness was shown for the first time in this episode.
  • The rivalry between Minako and Rei began in this episode.
  • Based on the fact that the series basically followed the timeline in the real world, it could be inferred from this episode that Rei's mother died on or near January 31, 1995.
  • The church in which Rei's mother was buried is called "St. Juban Church."


  • When Minako ran onto the stage before transforming, she could be seen wearing white tennis shoes, even though before and after that point she was wearing black high-heeled boots. A similar goof also occurred in Act Zero.


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