Act 16 - I Must Save Osaka!

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Naru is jealous of Ami's friendship with Usagi, but when she is kidnapped by a Youma, Ami still fights hard with the others to save her.


PGSM Episode
The Senshi find the captive Naru
Name (kanji/kana): 大阪さんをたすけなきゃ!
Name (romaji): Oosaka-san wo Tasukenakya!
Name (translated): I Must Save Osaka!
Episode Number: 16
Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: January 24, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 15 - I'll Punish the Thief!
Next Episode: Act 17 - Minako Transforms in Front of Rei's Eyes!

Rei, Ami, and Makoto are standing in an open plaza when the ground fades away from beneath Makoto's feet, and she starts to slide down the side of the pit that just appeared. Ami and Rei rush over and grab her arms, finding when they arrive that the pit slopes down to a hole at the center where a Youma awaits. Rei and Ami transform into Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury, respectively, and Sailor Mercury grabs Makoto's hand again while Sailor Mars uses Youma Taisan against the Youma. The Youma disappears before the attack can hit, and Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury pull Makoto back out of the pit. Once Makoto is free, the pit disappears, and she observes that they now know why people have been disappearing.

At the Secret Base under Karaoke Crown, the girls update Usagi and Luna on what happened. Rei tells them that she thinks the Youma kidnapped the missing people, and Luna agrees that it probably took them in order to steal their energy, so what they need to do is to find the place where the people are being kept. Makoto asks Usagi where she was while this was going on, and she doesn't want to tell them she was with Mamoru and instead makes up a story about how she was with Naru and was attacked by a Youma, which she fought off by herself. Ami, concerned, asks if Naru was injured by the Youma, but Usagi assures her that Naru is fine, and is pleased that Ami was concerned about her friend. In the meantime, Makoto sneezes once and assures Rei that she's fine, she's just getting a cold.

At the Tsukino residence, Usagi lies in bed and wonders if Mamoru is all right, then suddenly sits up and asks herself why she's thinking about him. She decides to instead think about Tuxedo Mask, but finds it difficult to get Mamoru out of her head.

The next morning Usagi is still thinking about him as she walks to school, and decides that because it's her fault he was injured, it's perfectly normal for her to be concerned for him. Ami walks up behind her, sees Usagi, and with a smile goes to join her friend - but Naru suddenly appears and proceeds to tease Usagi about Mamoru. As Usagi insists that Naru is wrong and she doesn't really like him, she notices Ami and asks her to walk together. Naru watches this and frowns, remembering her last encounter with Ami. Usagi tells Naru that Ami had been concerned about her, but Naru, sounding offended, demands to know why. Dismayed, Usagi grabs Naru's arm and walks off with her, throwing an apologetic glance back at Ami.

At school, the teacher gives the class an assignment to practice an English conversation in pairs. Ami glances over at Usagi, but Naru asks her to be her partner first. Usagi agrees, but sees Ami sitting alone and invites her to join them. Ami politely refuses and says she'll just wait until someone else finishes, because it's only a two-person conversation. Naru gets angry at that, telling Ami that she should just honestly say that she wants to work with Usagi, and tells Ami that she's just trying to make herself look good. Usagi tries to intervene, but Naru accuses her of taking Ami's side. The teacher appears and tells them that if they're going to fight, she'll assign partners. Usagi starts her conversation, but pauses to reassure Ami that Naru really didn't mean what she'd said.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite apologizes for his failures and promises that he'll find the Princess and Silver Crystal, but Kunzite mocks him and says he can do it better. As an example of his success, Kunzite mentions his "energy farm," which is the pit Makoto almost fell into earlier: with this, humans are caught in the Youma's trap and kept alive so that their energy continually feeds into the Dark Kingdom to awaken Queen Metalia. He suggests that Nephrite can serve as his assistant, which infuriates the other Shitennou. Queen Beryl intervenes and tells Kunzite that she'll use his energy farm, but he needs to remember that he and Nephrite are the same rank and both serve her. Kunzite, after a pause, reluctantly bows.

Ami walks down the street and notices Naru heading her direction. She glances about, wondering if she should leave, but hears Naru scream as the Youma's pit opens under her feet. Ami runs over and tries to grab her hand, but she can't quite reach and Naru slides into the Youma's trap. Rei and Usagi come running and find Ami staring at the ground in disbelief, and they confirm it was the same as the pit Makoto saw. Usagi kneels on the ground, looking for any sign of it as Ami looks on and Rei watches Ami, concerned. Just then their cell phones ring and Luna tells them that she's found the place where the people are being kept.

The three girls run into a large, open building, and Luna meets them. Rei senses that a barrier is in place. Usagi spots Naru walking by on the next floor up and charges toward her; Rei shouts a warning but Usagi runs headlong into the invisible barrier and bounces off. Ami reaches out her hands and feels the barrier, and Luna explains that the captured people are behind it, their energy being slowly siphoned off. She suggests that if the three Senshi combine their powers, they might be able to break the barrier, so they transform into Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury.

On the count of three they send their power at the barrier, but it explodes in their faces and throws them back. Sailor Mercury tells them to try again, but it has the same result. Determined, Sailor Mercury tries it one more time by herself, but her power once again rebounds. Another attempt has the same result, and Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon try to get her to stop, asking why she's so determined. Sailor Mercury declares that she has to save Naru and stands up to prepare for another try. Sailor Moon is surprised that Sailor Mercury is so determined to save Naru even after they fought; she doesn't think that she's nice enough to be able to do such a thing. Suddenly, Sailor Moon gets an idea and charges off.

While she's gone, Sailor Mercury admits that she's not really nice; she just wants to save Naru because she thinks it's her fault that Naru was captured. She's actually jealous of Naru's friendship with Usagi, and thinks that if it weren't so she might have been able to help her before. Sailor Mercury sinks to her knees, declaring that she's a horrible person for making Usagi think that she's a nice person when she really isn't. Sailor Mars angrily tells her that everyone has a dark side, and it's not that strange or bad to be jealous; she also declares that it's definitely not her fault that she couldn't save Naru from the Youma before.

Sailor Moon returns then with Sailor Jupiter in tow; Jupiter insists that her cold is fine, and says that they should have called her earlier. Sailor Mars notices a crack in the barrier then, and Sailor Moon declares that they can break it with one more shot. The four of them together send their power at the barrier, and it shatters. The Senshi charge in just in time to see the trapped people collapse as their energy is drained.

The four Senshi search for the Youma and encounter it in a hallway in the building. After a brief fight, Sailor Mercury destroys it with Mercury Aqua Mist. The others congratulate her, and Sailor Jupiter sneezes, earning her an apology from Sailor Moon for involving her in the fight while she was still sick. Luna arrives and tells Sailor Moon to give energy back to the people who had theirs stolen. Sailor Moon nods and summons her Moonlight Stick, then holds it out and concentrates. It begins to glow pink, and as the light shines on the Youma's victims, they revive.

The next day at school, Usagi's class is baking cookies, and the teacher tells them to split into groups of two. Usagi wonders what she should do about Ami and Naru, but before she can say anything Ami walks up to Naru. Ami tells Naru that she doesn't want to fight, but isn't going to just give up on wanting to work with Usagi, because she's not that nice of a person. Naru looks surprised for a moment, then smiles and agrees, and the two of them decide to work together. Usagi is happy for her friends, until she realizes that this leaves her without a partner, and she ends up having to work with the teacher.

Once the cookies are done, the girls write cards to show who they're giving them to. Ami's cookies are for her mother, and Naru teases Usagi that she's giving cookies to her boyfriend; Usagi indignantly denies this, but her card is addressed to Mamoru. She thinks that they're just a thank-you gift, for his help the other day. The girls start bickering in a friendly manner over who gets the leftover cookies, while in the background purple lightning flashes in the sky.

In the Dark Kingdom the lightning strikes Beryl's palace, and she wonders what it is. Kunzite smirks and replies that it's a sign of Queen Metalia's revival. The ground begins to shake and Nephrite moves to shield Queen Beryl. A bright purple light begins to pulsate as Metalia moans. In another part of the Dark Kingdom there is a wall with four crevices; one of them glows with a yellow light, and a stone falls out of it. The stone begins to glow, then expands and becomes Jadeite.

Usagi walks down the street holding her bag of cookies in one hand and a piece of paper in another. She arrives at a large apartment complex and compares it to the paper, then observes that if he lives here, he must be rich. She pauses and wonders why her heart is beating so fast, because the one that she loves is Tuxedo Mask. Usagi sees Mamoru emerges from the building, and she smiles and hides the cookies behind her back - but then an unfamiliar woman follows after and takes Mamoru's arm. Mamoru sees Usagi standing there and pauses for a moment, looking somewhat uncomfortable, but when the woman asks what's wrong, he insists it's nothing and keeps walking. Usagi thinks to herself that he has a girlfriend, so obviously there's nothing between them. She turns away and starts walking, looking sad.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • This episode included the first appearance of Hina Kusaka.


  • Continuity: Sailor Mercury's boots alternated between having heels and having flat soles. This also happened for the Senshi in other episodes, and was even seen in printed publications.


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