Act 14 - Usagi is Turning into a Youma?

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Kunzite's evil power starts to turn Usagi into a Youma, but she breaks free with a combination of her power as a Senshi and Ami's encouragement.


PGSM Episode
Sailor Mercury arrives just as Kunzite is about to complete the transformation
Name (kanji/kana): うさぎが妖魔に?
Name (romaji): Usagi ga Youma ni?
Name (translated): Usagi is Turning into a Youma?
Episode Number: 14
Director: Kenzo Maihara
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: January 10, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 13 - The Last of the Shitennou, Kunzite, Appears
Next Episode: Act 15 - I'll Punish the Thief!

Sailor Moon stands, staring at nothing, after Kunzite's attack. Concerned, Tuxedo Mask reaches for her, but she knocks his hand away and reaches for his neck. He backs away but she keeps walking forward until, suddenly, the gem in her tiara flashes and the purple gleam disappears from her eyes. Sailor Moon looks around, confused, wondering why Tuxedo Mask is there. Luna suggests that the power of a Sailor Senshi inside of Sailor Moon defeated the Youma's power. When Luna and Tuxedo Mask ask her if she's really okay, Sailor Moon insists that she is, but the hair briefly appears around her neck before being absorbed again.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite strides toward Queen Beryl's platform, where Nephrite already waits. He announces himself, observing that he can see Beryl needs his help, as she's left with only Nephrite. Nephrite becomes angry with Kunzite, but subsides abruptly when he finds Kunzite's sword against his neck. Kunzite steps up onto Beryl's platform and suggests that he give the energy of a Sailor Senshi to awaken Queen Metalia, then tells Beryl that he'll take over and she can rest. Angered by his insolence, Beryl and Nephrite both snap at him, and he stalks off again with a smirk.

The girls gather at the Secret Base under Karaoke Crown to celebrate the New Year. Usagi, Ami, and Makoto sing karaoke while Rei pretends to look bored, but under the table waves a straw in time with the music. Usagi tries to get Rei to take a turn, but she refuses, and when the two of them begin arguing, Makoto yells into the microphone to get them to stop. The girls play around, pose in Nako Nako costumes for a group photo, and eat treats that Ami brought. Usagi runs up onto the stage, grabbing the microphone to tell everyone that she loves them, but as she goes on there is loud feedback on the microphone, causing everyone to cover their ears; while they cringe, Usagi abruptly collapses. The other three girls rush up to her and notice Kunzite's lock of hair appear and then vanish again on her neck, and Luna is upset that it didn't completely disappear after all.

Usagi sleeps on the couch, covered with her jacket, while Luna fills the other Senshi in on what happened before. Luna says that inside of Usagi the Youma's power is battling against her Senshi power, and if her Senshi power loses she'll turn into a Youma. Makoto asks what they can do, and Luna replies that only Sailor Moon can turn a Youma back into a human, so they need to believe in her power. A purple mark appears at the base of Usagi's throat in the same design as the pendant Kunzite wears, much to the dismay of the other girls. Makoto suggests that if she defeats Kunzite that might help, and she goes off to find him, saying that she can't just sit and watch. Rei says she'll do the same thing and goes after Makoto, telling Ami to take care of Usagi. Ami takes Usagi's hand and notices that her skin is cold and her pulse slow, and wonders what she should do.

Mamoru enters the karaoke parlor and is greeted by Motoki at the front desk. As he makes excuses about being in the neighborhood, Mamoru remembers Sailor Moon being attacked by Kunzite, and wonders if she really is okay. Ami emerges from the Secret Base, supporting Usagi, who can barely move. She tells Motoki and Mamoru that Usagi fell ill, but as Mamoru rushes over to help he notices the hair around her neck appear and disappear again. Mamoru tells Ami that he'll carry Usagi for her, and follows Ami to her apartment with the unconscious girl on his back. They put Usagi in bed and Ami covers her with a blanket, then rushes off to get another one. In the meantime, Mamoru watches Usagi thoughtfully. When Ami returns he excuses himself, thinking to himself as he goes that Usagi is becoming a Youma.

Ami sets up a program on her computer to monitor Usagi's vitals, and when she goes to the pulse meter on, discovers that Usagi's fingernails are growing into claws. Luna says this is a sign that the Youma is making progress. The program shows that Usagi's temperature is dangerously low, another bad sign.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei stares into her flames, determined to seal the Youma's power.

Makoto runs down the street, silently telling Usagi to not become a Youma.

Ami gathers several heaters around the bed in an attempt to keep Usagi warm. She notices that it's getting dark outside and realizes that she'd better call Usagi's home so they don't worry. At the Tsukino residence, Ikuko is busy doing aerobics with hand weights when she hears the phone ring. Ami tells her that Usagi sang too much karaoke and lost her voice, and asks if it's okay if she stays at Ami's house. Ikuko says that she'd warned Usagi, and cheerfully tells Ami to take care of her. Ami agrees, then sets the phone down again, looking sad.

Ikuko goes to resume her workout, but the phone rings again, and this time Naru is on the line.

Ami returns to Usagi's side, feeling bad about having to lie to Ikuko - but then she notices that the claws have disappeared and Usagi's temperature has returned to normal, and declares that since Usagi is fighting so hard, she will too. The doorbell rings and Ami sees Naru outside; when she answers the door, Naru apologizes for coming over so late, but Usagi's mother told her that Usagi was there, and she wants to get her CD back because she needs it the next day. Ami tells her to wait and closes the door, leaving her outside. She returns a moment later with the CD and Naru asks, suspicious, why Usagi didn't come to the door. She tries to push her way in to find Usagi, but Ami shoves her outside, closing the door behind the both of them. She tells Naru that Usagi is asleep, and she doesn't care if Naru thinks she's lying or being malicious. A few minutes later Naru walks out of the building, glancing back up as she goes and wondering about this new side of Ami's personality. As Naru leaves, Mamoru is shown leaning against a wall and also looking up toward Ami's apartment.

In the Dark Kingdom, Beryl demands to know the status of Kunzite's efforts. Kunzite reports that he'd planned to turn Sailor Moon into a Youma and steal her energy, but she's resisting, so he's about to go take care of it himself. With a swirl of his cape, he departs.

Ami sleeps at Usagi's bedside, but looks up when the alarm on her computer program sounds a warning. Usagi's eyes open, glowing purple, and she suddenly transforms into a Youma. Ami then wakes up for real to find Usagi still asleep and smiles with relief, but Luna tells her that she can feel an enemy presence. When Ami looks at the computer program she finds Usagi's temperature dropping rapidly, and indeed the girl is now surrounded by a cold mist, her breath emerging as vapor.

Rei looks up from her fire and says Usagi's name, worried.

Wind blows into Ami's room, swirling black rose petals over Usagi's still form. Ami tries to protect her friend but is thrown back by the force of the wind. Kunzite's voice commands Sailor Moon to awaken, and the petals cover her, then she disappears. Ami charges out of her apartment building past a startled Mamoru, and transforms into Sailor Mercury as she runs, declaring that she'll protect Usagi.

Inside a cave somewhere, Usagi lies on a bier dressed all in white. Kunzite stands over her and remarks that he'd expected a Senshi to resist for so long, but now that will end. He stands above her head and holds out his hands, commanding her to become his follower. The pendant on his forehead gleams, awakening an answering glow in the mark at Usagi's throat, and her fingernails lengthen into claws. Sailor Mercury appears and demands that he give Usagi back. He replies that he'll give her back as soon as she's become a Youma. Sailor Mercury attacks with Mercury Aqua Mist, but he only absorbs it with his sword and then retaliates with a powerful energy attack from his sword.

Overpowered, Sailor Mercury watches him approach to finish her off, then closes her eyes and listens to the water dripping in the cave, begging it to help her. Kunzite observes that Senshi are certainly weak, then brings down his sword in a blow - which Sailor Mercury blocks with a sword made from water. She stands up and lets the sword dissolve again, then once more demands that he give Usagi back. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars appear then and attack with Supreme Thunder and Akuryo Taisan, but Kunzite only absorbs their attacks with his sword. He knocks them back with an attack of his own, then tells them to sit there and wait, as they'll be Sailor Moon's first victims when she awakens as a Youma.

Kunzite waves his sword over Usagi, commanding her to awaken; the mark at her throat glows and her fingernails lengthen into golden claws. The Senshi cry out, but Usagi opens glowing purple eyes and smiles evilly. Her whole body begins to glow and the Youma's form appears superimposed over her own. Sailor Mercury stares at her with tears welling up in her eyes, remembering all the time she spent with Usagi, and silently calls her friend's name. Suddenly Usagi's voice can be heard, telling everyone to be quiet.

With a bright flash of light, Usagi sits up, yawning and stretching. Kunzite stares in disbelief. Usagi looks around and sees him, then scrambles off the bier and transforms into Sailor Moon. Kunzite demands to know why it didn't work and attacks her, but Tuxedo Mask is suddenly there to block Kunzite's sword with his cane. The two of them struggle, and Tuxedo Mask says that it looks like Shin is completely gone, to which Kunzite replies that Shin never existed in the first place. Tuxedo Mask calls out to Sailor Moon, and she attacks with Moon Twilight Flash. Kunzite absorbs the attack and vanishes with a swirl of his cape. Sailor Moon glances at Tuxedo Mask, who smiles slightly and nods in approval. Sailor Moon smiles happily in return and runs over to check on the other Senshi, who are all relieved that she's okay. Tuxedo Mask smiles, then departs with a dramatic flourish of his cape.

The girls walk down the street and ask Usagi if she remembered what happened. She replies that she heard everyone calling to her, and it was noisy and woke her up. Makoto asks if "everyone" is referring to them, and Usagi says that it does, but Ami's voice was especially loud. Luna remarks that everyone's feelings reached Usagi. Usagi thanks the three of them, and the girls all smile at each other. Suddenly, Usagi remembers that she forgot to do her homework and begs her friends to help her; laughing, the girls run away.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • At the New Year's party, the four girls were all dressed up in the kimono of their respective Senshi colors. The party decor also included the New Year's wishes written by the four girls in traditional calligraphy pasted on paper of their respective Senshi colors. The calligraphic styles and meanings of the written wishes all reflected the personalities of the four girls.
  • This episode featured a rare scene in which Ami instantaneously transformed into Sailor Mercury, and then hopped over the tops of buildings to chase after Kunzite and Usagi.


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