Act 12 - Sailor V's True Identity was the Princess!

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Minako gets to know Usagi better, and Sailor V reveals to everyone her identity as the Princess, Sailor Venus.


PGSM Episode
Sailor V removes her mask
Name (kanji/kana): セーラーVの正体はプリンセスだったの!
Name (romaji): Seeraa V no Shoutai wa Purinsesu Datta no!
Name (translated): Sailor V's True Identity was the Princess!
Episode Number: 12
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: December 20, 2003
Previous Episode: Act 11 - We Got to Meet the Real Minako!
Next Episode: Act 13 - The Last of the Shitennou, Kunzite, Appears

At the Minato-ku Municipal Juuban Hospital, Minako sits at her computer, idly working on Nako Nako designs when she hears Artemis ask her if she wants to stop fighting. He reminds her that, no matter what kind of person Sailor Moon is, she still has a mission as the Princess. Minako asks him to just leave her alone, and his silhouette behind the blinds disappears.

Sugao Saitou walks down the hall, his shadow that of the Youma possessing him, and smiles in a sinister manner.

At the Karaoke Crown the girls have gathered in the Secret Base to discuss the fact that the enemy is after Sailor V, thinking that she is the Princess. Usagi points out that Tuxedo Mask seems to know something about the Princess as well, but Makoto calls him a thief and says she doesn't care. While Makoto and Usagi fight it out, Luna tells Rei and Ami that they need to protect Sailor V, and the two of them discuss how they can when she hasn't showed herself to them yet, and wonder why that is. Usagi suddenly notices that the book Minako autographed for her isn't in her bag and cries out in dismay. The other three just roll their eyes, but Usagi declares that she's going to go back to get it. Rei sighs over Usagi's carefree nature, but the others suggest that's why they like her.

Minako is still sitting at her computer, but rises when her manager enters. Saitou, however, raises a glowing-red hand and traps her with an attack. He demands to know where the Silver Crystal is and she insists she doesn't know, but he tells her that if she's the Princess she should know. Minako frees one hand and summons her Crescent Moon Cutter, then uses it to free herself from the Youma's binding. After a brief fight she kicks him back into the wall hard enough to crack it, but it only stuns him for a very short moment. She runs away then, racing through the hospital hallway as those she passes recognize her and call her name.

Usagi arrives at the hospital to find crowds of fans being held back by security guards. She is briefly dismayed that she can't get back in to see Minako, but then grins, pulls out her Teletia S, and disguses herself as a doctor. As she walks down the hall Minako runs past, pursued by her manager; Usagi observes that the same thing happened the day before, and runs after the pair.

As Minako runs past an open doorway Usagi grabs her and pulls her inside; when Saitou comes down the hall in pursuit, Usagi emerges dressed as Santa, pulling a sleigh in which Minako is hiding. At first it seems that the plan has succeeded, but then Saitou comes back and chases her. The two girls get outside and summon a taxi, finally getting away.

Inside the taxi, Minako wonders what Usagi was doing at the hospital, and Usagi explains that she'd forgotten her book and wanted to get it back. Minako is dismayed that Usagi didn't sense the Youma presence, even though it was so strong; in fact, Usagi believes that Minako was just running away from her manager to get some time to herself, like idols do in manga.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite demands to know why Zoisite retreated just when he had the Sailor Senshi cornered. Zoisite replies that he suddenly remembered something, and thinks about the image he saw of Tuxedo Mask standing next to the shadowy female figure. Nephrite mocks him, suggesting that the mission might be too difficult, but Zoisite merely says that if he thinks he can do it, he's welcome to try. After Nephrite storms out angrily, Zoisite poises his hands as though to play, but lowers them again without touching a key.

In his apartment, Mamoru thinks about his encounter with Zoisite, and observes that he thinks the woman he sees is the Princess, and wonders why this is happening. He starts to stand but grimaces and clutches at his head in apparent pain.

Minako and Usagi get out of the taxi and Minako immediately says her farewells and starts to leave. Usagi, disappointed, tells herself she should've known Minako would want time to herself, but still finds herself following the other girl. Minako, still annoyed and dismayed by Usagi's behavior, tries to get rid of her, but while trying to shoo her off accidentally bumps into a freshly-painted sign. Minako eyes her now-ruined shirt and asks Usagi if there's a clothing shop nearby, and Usagi is only too happy to show her one.

Minako tries on several outfits with Usagi as a cheerful audience, and finally picks one out; when the salesgirl tries to return her old, ruined clothing, she says to throw them out, but Usagi intervenes and takes the bag for herself. Another store employee informs Minako that a large crowd of her fans has gathered at the front of the store, so Usagi takes out her ponytails, puts on Minako's old jacket and hat, and goes off to play decoy, telling Minako to meet her at the river. Once the crowd has cleared in pursuit of the fake Minako, the real Minako notes that there is a back door, and Usagi really is an idiot - but despite herself, she smiles.

After leading the crowd on a merry chase, Usagi is finally cornered and begged for her autograph, at which point she "signs" her name "Usagi" in large writing, then pulls off her hat and reveals her true identity. The fans quickly disperse in a disgruntled mass, and Usagi heads off, after a pause at a kiosk selling Christmas treats. Once she meets up with Minako again, the two of them go for a ride on a Ferris wheel.

As they sit in the car above the city, Minako points out the fact that the store had a back door and Usagi is momentarily abashed, but admits that it was fun to play an idol for a while - though she wouldn't want to do it for real. Suddenly remembering, Usagi pulls out her box of treats and offers Minako a piece of cake. Minako accepts, and tells Usagi that she doesn't need to speak to her so politely all the time, but Usagi replies that she looks up to her too much to do that. Once again Minako asks if she doesn't have anything more important, but Usagi remains oblivious and insists that Aino Minako is her most important thing. The two of them chat and eat their cake, and when both discover that they've the same habit of saving the strawberry of their cake for last, they laugh together. Minako thinks to herself that while it's been a while since she's laughed, and it is fun, she's still a Senshi and the Princess. Minako then sings a small part of her new song, to Usagi's delight.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite reports to Queen Beryl that Zoisite says he has remembered something. Beryl is highly displeased by this news and forbids Nephrite from going near Zoisite again. In his room, Zoisite plays his piano and thinks about his newly-regained memories, but as he does Beryl's voice breaks into his thoughts, ordering him to forget about the past and only think about her; he grabs his head and groans, but after a moment his head falls back and his arms drop to his sides. Nephrite storms down the corridor, vowing to find the Princess and the Silver Crystal, and win Beryl's heart.

Nephrite contacts the Youma inside of Saitou and orders it to start attacking people in order to get Sailor V's attention. Rei and Ami come running, and alert the others of the Youma's presence.

Elsewhere, Usagi makes her apologies to Minako and hurries off. Once she's gone, Minako tells Artemis that she's tired of playing; if the enemy is looking for the Princess, they're going to find her. She takes off running and transforms into Sailor V without breaking her stride.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury are pursuing the Saitou-Youma when Usagi appears. Still not sensing the Youma's presence, she asks where it is and is dismayed to find out that it's "manager-san." She transforms into Sailor Moon while the other two distract him. The Youma then separates itself from Saitou's body and, after a brief ballet-fu battle, Sailor Moon tries to use Moon Tiara Boomerang, but the Youma just knocks it aside.

Zoisite suddenly sits up, declaring that he will destroy the Princess for Beryl's sake, and begins to play his piano.

The Youma manages to trap the three Senshi, and Nephrite appears, demanding to know the location of the Princess. Sailor Moon insists that she doesn't know, and Nephrite, not believing her, grabs her by the neck and begins to squeeze. Just in time, though, they hear Sailor V announce her presence, and her Compact flies through the air, severing the bonds holding the Senshi. Sailor V smiles at the other three Senshi and says that it appears she can't hide anymore; she throws her mask into the air and with a flash of golden light, transforms into Sailor Venus. Luna runs up and, seeing the crescent moon on Venus' forehead and the crown on her head, declares her to be the Princess.

Nephrite sees the tiara and the possible Silver Crystal on it, and moves to attack, but Artemis jumps out and stops him. He declares this to be the Princess of the Silver Millennium and heir to the Silver Crystal, Sailor Venus, and the Senshi watch in awe. Unimpressed, Nephrite orders his Youma to take the Crystal. Luna tells the girls to protect the Princess and they rush over to stand between her and the Youma. Sailor Moon destroys the Youma with Moon Twilight Flash and Nephrite, dismayed, disappears. While they're looking the other direction, though, Zoisite suddenly appears and rushes at Sailor Venus with a crystal dagger; Sailor Mercury notices and shouts a warning, too late for them to do anything, but Tuxedo Mask suddenly appears. When Zoisite sees him he lowers the dagger and steps back, distracted enough for Venus to hit him with a Venus Beam. As he fades, he reaches out to Tuxedo Mask, calling him "Master Endymion." Tuxedo Mask repeats the name, remembering his dreams once again.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite fades away, leaving a chunk of stone lying on his keyboard.

The Princess, Sailor Venus, turns to face her Senshi and Luna, who can only stare at her, speechless.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Besides Makoto, Minako was the only other Senshi shown to have extraordinarily strong physical power while still in her civilian form, as seen in this episode and the Special Act.
  • The scene of Minako trying on new clothes at a shop in this episode echoed an opening credits scene of the Sailor Moon S movie, in which her anime counterpart also tried on several new clothes at a department store.
  • According to the "Oshiokiyo" omake on the DVD, Ayaka Komatsu hates whipped cream, so she was not happy about having to eat the cake on the ferris wheel.



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