Act 11 - We Got to Meet the Real Minako!

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Usagi and Makoto sneak into the hospital to see Minako Aino after her car accident, and Minako discovers that Usagi is Sailor Moon.


PGSM Episode
Makoto and Usagi disguise themselves as nurses
Name (kanji/kana): 本物の美奈子ちゃんに会っちゃった!
Name (romaji): Honmono no Minako-chan ni Acchatta!
Name (translated): We Got to Meet the Real Minako!
Episode Number: 11
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: December 13, 2003
Previous Episode: Act 10 - I am Queen Beryl, Queen of Darkness
Next Episode: Act 12 - Sailor V's True Identity was the Princess!

In Karaoke Crown, Motoki is watching Kamekichi when he notices Usagi cautiously peeking into the lobby. He quickly grabs a mirror and adjusts his hair before giving her a cheerful greeting. She, however, asks if Mamoru is there today. Motoki looks dejected and replies that Mamoru only filled in for him temporarily, but this news cheers Usagi up. She tells Motoki that he always annoys her, and Motoki replies that he may be a little rude, but he's a good guy. Changing the subject, Motoki asks her if she'd heard that Minako Aino was in the hospital, and Usagi is shocked.

Down in the Secret Base, Rei, Makoto, and Ami talk to Luna about the Moon Kingdom. Luna tells them that the memories of their past lives are buried within their hearts, and they will someday remember, as long as they keep searching for the Princess and the Silver Crystal, and protect the Earth from its enemies. Just then Usagi rushes in with the news about Minako, but the others have already heard; Ami points out that Minako only received minor injuries. Usagi wants to meet Minako and wish her well, but Rei observes that fans like her are the reason the hospitals don't publicize the location of celebrities.

At the Minato-ku Municipal Juuban Hospital, Minako sits in a room filled with gifts and flowers as a man hands her a suitcase. He tells her that they finally got it out of the wrecked car, and assures her that they didn't look at her special belongings. He also adds that the police are amazed she got away from the accident with such minor injuries. Minako's manager enters then, and Minako asks if she can leave the hospital, because she isn't badly hurt. He refuses, though, telling her that she needs to behave and stay there, and stop disappearing so often. He then goes over her schedule and list of things she needs to do, and adds "rest" to the end. Minako smiles and says she'll take care of it, and her manager prances off again with Matsuo in tow. As soon as they're gone, Minako opens her bag to check the contents, and inside is her Sailor V uniform. She remembers her previous deeds as Sailor V, and she hears Artemis' voice telling her that the real battle is starting now, and she needs to be strong. She replies that she'll be okay: she's always been alone, and it was her decision to become Sailor V - and the Princess.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite sits at his piano, pondering why Sailor V is still alive, when his Requiem should have been perfect. He dismisses it from his thoughts, though, observing that he still has plenty of tricks left, and begins to play. Elsewhere, Queen Beryl and Nephrite hear him, and Nephrite says that he also wants to search for the Princess, because if he hasn't found the Silver Crystal after all his searching, it must be with her. Queen Beryl asks him why the Princess hasn't acted against them if she has the Crystal, and Nephrite suggests that she might not be able to use it yet. Beryl considers that, and agrees to let Nephrite do as he wishes. After he leaves, though, she wonders to herself about Zoisite's true motives.

Mamoru once again dreams about the woman begging for the Silver Crystal. He awakes, gasping, and wonders who it is that he sees in his dreams.

Usagi turns on the tv and begins flipping channels until Shingo gets annoyed and tells her to stop. Ikuko agrees with him, but Usagi protests that there might be something about Minako. Her mother replies that Minako is at the Juuban Hospital - her father, the reporter, found that out, but it's supposed to be a secret and Usagi can't go there. Usagi agrees, but casually asks if the hospital is near the South Juuban subway station. Ikuko replies that it is, and Usagi rushes out the door. Shingo is disgusted with both of them.

Usagi appears next at the Secret Base, where she tries to convince the others to visit the hospital with her. Luna, annoyed, says that today they're looking for Sailor V, because she might be the Princess. Makoto seems interested in the idea, but insists that she just doesn't want Usagi wandering around by herself. Rei scolds the both of them, but they just grab their coats and run off, much to her annoyance. Ami observes that she's glad to see Usagi acting like herself, but Rei thinks she's being too much like herself.

Makoto and Usagi stand outside the hospital and observe that it's so large they'd never be able to find Minako in there. Usagi clasps her hands together and wishes Minako well. After a moment of silence, they decide to head on inside. After eyeing a map of the hospital, they disguise themselves as nurses and go in search of Minako's room, arguing quietly all the while whose idea it was to go that far in their search efforts.

In the Secret Base, Ami searches online for articles on Sailor V while Rei reads printouts. While searching, Ami finds a website about a "Star Festival," a gathering of Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter, where the special guest is "V." Luna thinks that this can't be just a coincidence, and Ami suggests that, since the meeting is that day, they should go check it out.

In her hospital room, Minako works on a new Nako Nako design on her laptop while her manager paints his nails. Artemis appears in silhouette behind the blinds and tells Minako that she needs to go. She nods and gets up quietly, but her manager speaks up and tells her not to let anyone know who she is if she leaves. She agrees and gives herself a "disguise" consisting of a baseball cap.

Ami and Rei arrive at the hall where the Festival is being held and find the place empty. Rei says that she has a bad feeling.

Minako's manager suddenly notices that when Minako left, she took her shoes with her, and gives a cry of dismay. Elsewhere in the hospital, Minako hurries down the hallway; as she passes Usagi and Makoto (now out of disguise), Usagi thinks she recognizes her and her guess is proven correct when a man (the manager) rushes after calling Minako's name. Makoto and Usagi, not knowing who he is, think that perhaps he's a Youma chasing after Minako and hurry after him. In the stairway, Minako hears him cry out and rushes back to find him being restrained by the two girls. She recognizes Usagi as Sailor Moon and wonders what she's doing there; just then Usagi sees her and calls out her name, attracting the attention of everyone else in the area. As fans begin to collect, Matsuo arrives and rushes Saitou, Minako, Usagi, and Makoto back to the relative safety of the hospital room.

Once inside, Saitou, Usagi, and Makoto sink into chairs and sigh about all the trouble. After a moment, Saitou realizes he doesn't know them and demands to know why they're there; Makoto apologizes and explains that they were pushed in by the crowd. Minako is annoyed that now she can't get out, but then notices Usagi is looking at her and wonders if she realizes that Minako is Sailor V. Usagi, however, pulls out a book and begs for an autograph, then bounces around the room squealing like the crazed fangirl that she is. Makoto calms her down and the manager grabs the book and says she can have a signature as long as she'll leave. As Minako signs Usagi's book and a card for Makoto, Usagi tells her that she's definitely going to be there for her new CD release, but Minako asks if she doesn't have something more important to do. Usagi replies that, no, Minako Aino is more important than even the Princess or Sailor V; Makoto pushes her to get her to shut up but she keeps going. Minako just gives her a disgusted look before the manager begins to shove the two girls out the door. Their cell phones begin to ring and Usagi vainly searches her bag for her phone, but Makoto picks up the call, talks to Ami, and drags Usagi out the door with Saitou's help.

Once they've left, Artemis says that he didn't expect Sailor Moon to show up there. Minako expresses her disappointment in the girl, saying that it's like she doesn't have any concern about the Dark Kingdom or her duties. Artemis suggests that it's just because she hasn't fully awakened, but Minako doesn't appear reassured. She notices that Usagi dropped her book and picks it up, looking at the photos of the other girls on the cover. Artemis tells her they need to hurry and get to the Star Festival, but Minako is still stunned by the fact that this girl could be Sailor Moon.

Makoto and Usagi arrive at the hall, and Usagi is still babbling about how excited she is to have met Minako. Makoto thinks it's strange that the others aren't there, and Usagi suggests that maybe they're angry the other two went off in search of Minako while they were working. Just then, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury appear and attack them. Makoto and Usagi dodge the attacks while Usagi apologizes profusely for not helping out. As Sailor Mars approaches Usagi for another attack, a tied-up Luna can be seen over her shoulder; Luna rips tape off her mouth and calls for the girls to be careful - the two Sailor Senshi are being controlled by the enemy after they were lured into a trap. Makoto and Usagi transform into Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon and a ballet-fu battle ensues.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite plays his piano, observing that the last two have fallen into his hands. The music from his piano echoes through the piano in the hall, and he appears at the bench there. As he approaches Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury form up behind him. He reaches out toward Sailor Jupiter with his hand glowing purple and the light transfers to her eyes, then she moves to join the others. He then tells Sailor Moon that the four of them are going to kill the Princess, Sailor V, for him. Luna is concerned because he knows that Sailor V is probably the Princess.

Sailor Jupiter grabs Sailor Moon and holds her in place as Zoisite extends his glowing hand toward her, but before he can try to take over her mind as well, Tuxedo Mask appears and grabs his arm. Zoisite demands to know who he is, and the glow from his hand suddenly intensifies. The two of them see the figure of the woman from Mamoru's dreams, but this time a shadowy figure who looks like Tuxedo Mask throws back his cape and moves to stand next to her. The purple light explodes, throwing both men back. Tuxedo Mask, stunned, asks if she was the Princess, and Sailor Moon asks if he means Sailor V. Zoicite once again wonders who the other man is, but disappears without waiting for an answer. The three Senshi who were being controlled then collapse, then awaken again, back to normal. Tuxedo Mask slowly gets to his feet and staggers away without another word. Luna frees herself from the ropes and wonders what was going on between him and the enemy.

Zoisite sits at his piano, staring into space and wondering how he knows that man.

In the hospital, Minako drops her Sailor V mask onto her bed as Artemis demands to know why she didn't go, since she's the Princess. Minako says that she knows, but, why is that girl Sailor Moon? She stares at Usagi's book and the pictures on the cover.

As Saitou walks down the hallway of the hospital, a Youma sneaks up behind him and stops him in his tracks. The Youma begins to glow and disappears into his body; Saitou grins evilly and starts to walk again.

Minako sits on her bed, staring at the book.


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