A School Storm! Transfer Students are Idols

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The Three Lights transfer into the same high school as Usagi and her friends, and Sailor Iron Mouse also shows up at the school in search of her next target.


Episode Data
The new transfer students arrive
Original Episode
Name (Kana): 学園に吹く嵐! 転校生はアイドル
Name (Romaji): Gakuen ni Fuku Arashi! Tenkousei wa Aidoru
Name (Translated): A School Storm! Transfer Students are Idols
Name (Dub): A School Storm: The Transfer Students Are Idols
Episode Number: 174
Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Kazuhiko Kobe
Animation Director: Minako Ito
Air Date: May 18, 1996
Previous Episode: A Goodbye and an Encounter! The Destiny of Flowing Stars
Next Episode: Go for an Idol! Minako's Ambition

Usagi sits in the classroom at Juuban Municipal High School, writing a letter to Mamoru. Her friends come up behind her and peek over her shoulder at the letter, and she becomes embarassed.

Later, the girls visit various clubs that they are interested in. Makoto is persuaded to join the sports club, even though she had wanted to join the cooking club. Ami impresses the computer club with both her skills with computers and English. Minako joins the volleyball club and declares that with her, they will make it to the nationals. Usagi, however, heads home by herself, because she is not interested in any clubs. She is joined by Luna on the way, and the two of them discuss the recent strange appearance of the Phage and the unfamiliar Sailor Senshi.

As Usagi is walking, she bumps into Kou Seiya, and gets annoyed at him for not looking where he is going. In return, he teases her, calls her "odango atama," and walks away as Usagi fumes.

At Ginga TV, Chuuko Nezu sorts through images of various athletes, pausing when she reaches Yuji Kayama, captain of the American-style football team at Juuban High. As she admires his looks, a special black phone rings at her desk; when she answers, she is summoned to meet with the "President." Nezu enters a special elevator, emerging as Sailor Iron Mouse in Sailor Galaxia's throne room. Iron Mouse reports on her progress in finding a Star Seed, and says she thinks she has found one.

The next morning, a crowd of students has gathered outside the high school, excited because the Three Lights have transferred to their school. Even Rei is there, despite the fact that she attends a different school. When the idols arrive, they are not terribly interested as the girls display their Three Lights Fan Club membership cards, but Seiya stops to talk to Usagi. Her friends are stunned that she knows him.

The Three Lights end up in the same class as Usagi and her friends. Seiya takes the seat behind Usagi, to her annoyance. He asks her to show him around the school, and Minako jumps in, eagerly agreeing to do so.

In the meantime, Chuuko Nezu arrives at the school in search of her next target.

After school, the girls take the Three Lights to visit the basketball club, and Seiya promptly begins to show off. Yaten gets bored and decides to go home, and when Taiki expresses an interest in cultural clubs, Minako promptly latches on to him to show him around. Seiya asks Usagi to show him some more clubs, and when she yells at him for calling her "odango," Makoto, Ami, and Rei order her to be nice to their beloved Seiya.

Usagi then grudgingly takes Seiya to see the American-style football club, where Seiya once again grabs the ball to show off. He gets past most of the team, but is tackled by Kayama, the captain. Kayama then offers Seiya a place on the team.

After practice, Kayama is approached by Chuuko Nezu. When he refuses an interview, she reveals her true form as Sailor Iron Mouse and removes his Star Seed. Usagi hears him scream and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon.

Sailor Iron Mouse is disappointed when the Star Seed turns black; when Sailor Moon arrives, the Animamate departs, leaving the Senshi to deal with the newly-transformed Phage, Sailor Guts. He attacks Sailor Moon by throwing balls of sweat that burn like acid when they land; as she dodges the attacks, she is soon joined by the other Inner Senshi. The Sailor Starlights also show up, and Sailor Star Maker uses Star Gentle Uterus to turn the Phage's attack back on himself. The Starlights mock the other Senshi for being pathetically weak. Sailor Moon stops them from attacking the Phage further, and uses Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss to turn him back into Kayama. Once she is finished, though, the Starlights have vanished, leaving the Inner Senshi confused.

Later, at Fruits Parlor Crown, the girls find Usagi at a table and ask her if it is true that she joined the manga club. They swipe the comic she is working on, but have a hard time figuring out what the pictures are supposed to be of. Usagi becomes embarassed and grabs it back, annoyed.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • The paper that Ami downloaded and printed out for the computer club actually had the lyrics for the song "Danger Zone."
  • In this episode Ami noticed that Usagi still could not write well in kanji.
  • In the German dub, only Minako made a reference to Bunny's writing skills, asking her if she thought Mamoru would understand her letter despite its errors. Ami replied that Mamoru might be too busy to have the time to read it anyway.
  • In the German dub, the nickname Seiya gave Bunny after she told him her real name was "Bun."


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