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ADV, or A.D. Vision, Inc., was an American media company founded in August 1992 which specialized in the production and distribution of anime and manga. As of 2009, the company has gone out of business, having been superseded by the group of companies affiliated with Section23 Films.

In 2003, ADV released the subtitled, "uncut" DVD sets of the first two seasons of the Sailor Moon anime.

ADV's Sailor Moon Releases[edit]

Dubbed VHS Videos[edit]

  1. The Legend Begins
  2. The Power of Friendship
  3. Sailor Mars Joins the Battle
  4. Mysterious Tuxedo Mask
  5. Red Hearts and Silver Crystals
  6. Introducing Sailor Jupiter
  7. Green Eyed Monsters
  8. And in This Corner... Sailor Venus!
  9. Field Trips
  10. Trials and Troubles
  11. Return of Sailor Moon
  12. Tree of Doom
  13. Moonlight Knight and the Garden of Evil
  14. Big Changes
  15. Invaders From the Future
  16. By the Light of the Negamoon
  17. Crystal Matrix
  18. Looking for Trouble
  19. Time Travelers!
  20. Love Conquers All!

Dubbed DVDs[edit]

  1. A Heroine Is Chosen
  2. Sailor Scouts to the Rescue!
  3. The Man in the Tuxedo Mask
  4. The Secret of the Sailor Scouts
  5. Introducing Sailor Venus!
  6. Adventure Girls!
  7. Fight to the Finish!
  8. The Doom Tree Strikes!
  9. The Return of the Doom Tree
  10. The Trouble With Rini
  11. The Ties that Bind
  12. The Wrath of Emerald
  13. Time Travelers!
  14. Love Conquers All!

Subtitled DVD Box Sets[edit]

  1. Sailor Moon - Season One - Complete and Uncut
  2. Sailor Moon - Season Two - Complete and Uncut


  • The art on the front covers of the "Crystal Matrix" and "Love Conquers All!" VHS tapes featured Sailor Chibi Moon, who had not yet been introduced at that point in the series. Super Sailor Moon was also mistakenly shown on the cover of "Love Conquers All!" as well.

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